Friday, May 29, 2009

In further news...

Look what's finished, and heading to Victoria tomorrow.
I'm really thrilled with it. Its the first really scrappy quilt I have made. There are more than 55 different fabrics in it.
This is Lesley on the phone to Frogdancer having a phone blogmeet the other night. We'd just put the binding on and Les had started the first stitches to turn the binding.
While we were on the phone to Frogdancer she told us Jaryd went to Canberra this week to meet the Prime Minister and to speak to primary schools in the ACT about the impact of the fires on someone his age. Unfortunately some place callled North Korea decided to explode a bomb somewhere and the PM was unable to meet Jaryd, but he did meet a minister or two. He told them and the schoolchildren about the blogging community and the support he and his family had received, along with the support from the rest of Australia through many appeals etc.
This quilt started back in early February when Victoria in eastern Australia experienced the terrible fires that wiped out whole communities. Frogdancer knew someone, Judy, who had lost everything. She and her son were wiped out. House, clothes, books, homework, guitar...the lot.
Frogdancer asked her readers if they had spare copies of books that a 17 year old avid reader might need to restock his library. Books turned up from all over the country.
I didn't have any books Jaryd was interested in but my stash was certainly good for a quilt. I'm really enjoying sharing my non-perishables lately, and the stash is , ahem, quite substantial, so I can't even see where its been taken from.
Frogdancer had more than 65 fabrics in her quilt bundle I sent her. It turns out Jaryd's Mum has that quilt now...which is really great. Widget has about 20 fabrics in the back of her quilt. See Frogdancer's quilt extravaganza page for photos. I'm tickled to think of them being together. I wonder if the quilts will recognise each other as coming from the same fabric stash stable?
I chose a stash of colours I thought he would like and set to work piecing the top. Les was en-route home after living in USA for 3 years, but was lined up to help with the basting and quilting.
There were a few hiccups along the way, but Les put the borders on it and finished the stars, then we basted it. Then Lesley quilted it. Then it got swore at a lot, and got a new back and basted again. Then it came to stay at my house, where it behaved much better, having learned its lesson in what happens to misbehaving quilts. Meek and mild, it submitted to quilting, then finally binding.
Lesley has just unpacked her Harry Potter complete set, and it is about to head to Jaryd along with the quilt.
Its the first big quilt I've made for ages, and has been a nice refresher for the big quilt I plan to make for next year.

Good little quilt. Your two mummies are very pleased with you now.
Off to Jaryd you go, keep him warm, and share a hug or two from us.


Frogdancer said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

You two have put in so much work! He'll love it. Absolutely love it.

persiflage said...

This is terrific. It is so good when people, both friends and strangers, reach out to help, console, heal and to give joy, after so much tragedy and devastation. Well done, all you people.

widget said...

you're both awesome!

It looks fantastic.

Well done!

Janet said...

well done! the quilt looks fantastic and I'm sure he will love it.

Anonymous said...

Magnificent! So incredibly generous of you.

Stomper Girl said...

FanTAStic. Good on you.

Natalie said...

It has love in every thread... what a journey, and what a kind mission.

LisaW. said...

lovely quilt and sentiment...getting me all weepy...must be the menopause..dang those hormones anyways.

Lesley said...

Woo-hoo! So glad it's on its way!
See you tomorrow for more sewing adventures ...

Anonymous said...

Such kindness and compassion, you are both quite amazing! I am honoured to 'know' you both :)