Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blonde!!! And Scrappy Katz

This really is the last word on bathroom business. My niece and my daughter in the bath. See how big it is?
My sister dyed my hair again on the weekend..we were aiming for a little darker, but got red-gold instead. Oh My! (excuse all the mess in the background)
I'm shocked to see it so light, and reddish. I think I like it straightish though. I can't remember the last time I had such long hair.
Of course it is way too hard to keep all straight and cute though. I just keep flippin and flickin it around like a teenager! I may darken it a bit more...and keep it in the normal loose curls.
Anyway...Les and I had a lovely playdate yesterday. We made some Scrappy Katz - I saw them in a Cloth Paper Scissors Mag (they were called Gypsy Cats) a few months ago. SO I felt I should cut out a bunch of elements (head, arms, legs, bodies) and we would just play and embellish them, rough and ready, using heavyweight fabrics, uglies and textures.
Les has two more at home...hers are orange and a lovely brown wool tweed.

We had a good time. I can feel I will definitely make more of these.
Back to work today..back to the ward! OMG I'm gonna be tired!!!!!!
The lurgy is lurking, and I don't feel quite bad enough to call off sick, but I really hope I'm not contagious, handling all those women and babies. I hate to call in sick, I'd rather work than be off feeling awful. I am looking forward to seeing all the lovely ward midwives. Its certainly very hustle and bustle on my ward!
Have a good Thursday!


Lisa L said...

I like your hair color! Its pretty!

Anonymous said...

I agree, it's a lovely colour. Niceto see some 'you' shots too!

Frogdancer said...

Happy Birthday!