Thursday, May 28, 2009

High and dry and still out in the cold!

I'm fuming.

I've been working every day since Tuesday. Its been a long and tricky week. I'll tell you about it when I calm down.

TODAY the door was finally installed. By pulling apart the frame that we had just painted with 4 coats of paint.

And putting crap all over the tiles that we have taken great pains to protect throughout painting.

And then the shower screen was installed unexpectedly, again with no-one home to supervise. Spreading more sealant and crap on the floor, in a shape I hadn't expected that means the shower head now seems to be pointing in the wrong direction. I can't even get any water onto the corner glass shelves to clean all the wood dust off them. I tried. Not knowing that I shouldn't be letting any water into the shower screen area due to silicon drying time until Saturday morning. Sigh.

No major damage except that there's a significant chip in one of the floor tiles right in the middle of the floor.

And there's still no glass in the door (raw green ), which still needs to be painted along with the frame - AGAIN!!!! When there is gloss enamel painting to be done or dried the bathroom cannot be used. Including the bath.

When I came home today the bathroom looked like a scummy shabby 10-year-old tiled disaster. with the door frame paint all ripped off and peeling - the carpenter has shifted the whole centre plate of the doorframe. I have told the bathroom contractor that he can stick the carpenter up his jaxie cos I'm not impressed with him at all. Tears were involved. I scrubbed and swept ( I can hear you laughing at the thought of me cleaning, stop it!) and rubbed at sealant crap and swore - a LOT.

I have few words to describe my fury at the waste of time, and the lack of sleep due to paint fumes, not to mention the fact that I am still showering outside in the cold wind (much to the cat's amusement this morning)

I am really over this.


Lesley said...

Oh, Laura!
It was all so close to being perfect and finished, and all the really hard, really messy stuff seemed to have been done.
These last bits were a doddle.
I can understand your fury and your tears.

I'm so sorry for you!

Big hugs from me.

Frogdancer said...

That's awful.

Honestly, the best bits of renovating are the before (when you plan) and the after (when things like this become mildly amusing stories safely in the past.)