Sunday, May 17, 2009

So busy (now with photos)

Busy week! Work was good.

Seeing friends from (now) over East and meeting their new baby, Willow. Delightful!
Making a new bag. Very nice too. Great fun. I used some long stashed ingredients.
Attending afternoon tea for a friend. Delicious. She loved the bag.
Dinner party for friends. A great success.
Attending the craft fair. Stash building never goes out of style. Plans abound!

It seems I didn't win the raffle quilt. Sigh.

Bathroom nearing completion. All tiles applied. Oohs and ahs expressed by all visitors, especially after seeing the beautiful marble feature tile, which looks gorgeous after sealing.
This week will include: grouting, fittings, cornices, painting and finally...bathing!


mtnchild said...

Boy you have been busy! But it seems to be a nice kind of busy - better something you enjoy than the stuff you don't.


Anonymous said...

Oh - great bag! I love it!

LisaW. said...

cutie pie baby! supercute bag! the loo is coming along wonderfully...can't wait to see the finished product!
think of you often and trying to figure out how we could get together for a tea and crafty afternoon some bad there's not a teleporter system in operation like on star trek yet.....i'll work on that.