Friday, September 28, 2007

Welcome and Hi

Hello bloglanders

Welcome to my blog called 'Loving the question'. I have no idea how I'm going to be at doing this as a regular part of life, but I enjoyed having a travel blog on our recent trip and missed blogging!

Today I formally graduated as a midwife (cheers and tears of joy) after 11 consecutive semesters of study, the first 7 semesters fulltime to become a registered nurse, then working full time as I studied one unit at a time for two semesters, then a further 2 semesters working 0.8 time as a student midwife and studying 2 units per semester. Phew, I am pleased to be finished with studying for now.

As I write this I have just returned from partying after my graduation ceremony. This afternoon there was a formal ceremony at the university for the School of Nursing and Midwifery where we all wore formal academic dress and given our class badges that identify us as graduates of Curtin University of Technology. There were prizes given and speeches made. Then this evening there was the University wide, multi faculty formalities where we were given our actual degrees and diplomas and shook the vice chancellor's hand. As the culmination of nearly 6 years of work it was a pretty big deal, and I am proud beyond measure to be able to call myself a midwife.

I look forward to doing it now, doing the day to day work of being with women, sharing and expanding my knowledge and discovering the range of my field. It is an enormous privilege and responsibility and I can't wait to go back to work.

When I'm not being a midwife I love crafts of all sorts, especially bagmaking, patchwork and quilting, embroidery, designing stuff, beadwork and sculpture, a tiny bit of knitting (don't mention the clapotis).

In fact I will now confess in black and white - My name is Laura and I am a fabricaholic (I say that like its a bad thing!). It is a complete textile fetish. I'm not sure if I died tomorrow that I would win the 'she who dies with the most fabric wins' thing, but I am definitely working on it. I've got a lot of stuff - but the good thing about fabric is that it is non-perishable, and besides - I'm not dead yet!

I also love doing heaps of other things other than housework, but we'll get to know each other gradually I'm sure.

Hi to all my friends, especially El Zed in San Diego

Ciao for now