Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Its International Midwives' Day.

And our 24th wedding anniversary.

We're going out for dinner tonight.

I took some great photos of the kids just now....I'll have to load them and show you later...still borrowing other people's computers (sigh).

We've got a bath in today. And a spout. And pipes from all the walls in the right spots. And drainage pipes. And a glass block window. I even put one of the glass blocks in myself.

Photos to come. If I can be patient about it, so can you.

Many stories to tell from a very eventful first few days on visiting midwife duty. Cute babies. Lovely Mums, Dads and families. Did I mention cute babies?

My back is not good. Not at all. Very dodgy for the last week or so. Just what you need when driving all over and hauling bags and scales everywhere. Not aided by having a solid fall from a tiny wall yesterday. Don't ask. I'm just glad no-one had a camera on me. Thank God for woodchips, and no roses. Legs in the air, shoes, hair and bag everywhere. Half-in, half-out of the garden bed. What a dork. Luckily no real damage done.

I hope to have the computer dramas sorted in the next week. Who needs a bank balance?

My Make it in May is progressing quite well. I have done a bit of clay sculpting, made a bag, cut out some other stuff for another. Can we count thinking about things? Planning stuff? I've had a great idea for a Masters thesis! Today my blog posting may count as my creation. Its writing innit?

Ciao for now


Alby Mangroves said...

Yeees, those embarassing arse-up moments.. glad you're OK though :) bank balance not withstanding...

InfoMidwife said...

Happy 24th Wedding Anniversary another year and you get a silver spoon:............you'll love the bathroom when its done and it will be worth the hassel now. I have posted a pic of you from the laughter workshop on my blog, its the nice one! catch up soon.

Liz said...

What an exciting day for you. Enjoy.

jodie said...

hi laura, i love reading ur blogs, makes u feel not so far away - not meaning distance - hope u know what i mean anyway! got to catch up 1 of these days. lots of love, jode xoxox

Victoria said...

COgratulations on your Wedding Aniversary! Hope your back's getting better too. xxoo

Victoria said...

I mean "Congratulations" of course..