Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blogging bliss

My favourite husband has an old laptop. He spent hours last night configuring it so I could use it instead of the limping desktop. Internet, printer, email - you name it. Sigh. He is my favourite (and only) husband. I still keep automatically reaching for the mouse, but I'll get used to it.

The bathroom is proceeding fabulously. Ooh, hang on, I'll see if I can get some photos off the amongst yourselves.......Done.

For the first few days after demolition I felt like I was seeing a maiden aunt naked. It just didn't seem quite right, too exposed, like I was looking up her dress. We can even see into the roof space throught the exposed cornices.
Before -the old timber cabinet and window. This frame was incredibly solid.
View from outside as the window is enlarged.
After - 3rd row down, second from the right. Laid by yours truly.
The bath in position. It was bricked in today.
Now don't show Mum...but here's the bag I've made for her for Mother's Day. I hope she likes it, it looks a little more sombre than I expected. The lining fabric is really lush. When I photographed the bag at night there seems to be an angry person hiding among the big pattern central to the bag. Can you see it when you squint? Tell me NOW if you think it is a bad omen and I shouldn't give it to her....I'm not kidding. I'm on days off now. I'll still have time to make a different one.
The kids indulged me and allowed me to take some photos on Tuesday. I'm quite pleased with them. The snootiest cat in the world was even restrained briefly to pretend to be a real cat.
Today Stephanie has had some minor surgery. It is her first operation in about 5 years (and her 18th one) and she was not looking forward to it, but was really brave. The anaesthetist was very kind and understanding (and well briefed) and it went well. She slipped off to sleep briefly, and all the scary stuff was done while she was asleep. She was back with me within an hour, with a bandage on her arm where the stitches are. Hopefully that pesky mole will be benign, but its best to be safe!

Our anniversary dinner was lovely. We went to a French place in Nedlands, old and family owned. Wonderful food and terrific service. Only one small glitch, a freebie appetiser of seafood bisque cappucino! Served in a little espresso cup with foam on top! It looked cute, but unfortunately tasted vile. We both love seafood bisque normally, but the balance was really off. I mean really off. All the stuff from the prawn and lobster heads that one normally ...washes out... was obviously left in there and had flavoured the bisque much too heavily, so basically it tasted like....well...the stuff you would normally wash out. We had one sip, nearly gagged, and pushed it aside. We sent it back. The rest of the meal was superb. Utterly superb. Highly recommended.

I've also made another Wild Woman (in yellows and orange) for someone special. No, you can't peek.
Lesley and I are nearly finished Jarryd's quilt. If I'm not remaking a bag this weekend (cough, but seriously, tell me if I need to) I'll be stitching on the binding. Then it will be off!
The outdoor showers are going well, the coldest morning has only been 9C, so not too bad so far. Everyone is still enjoying it.
Woo-hoo! Days off and a quilt to finish, craft to do and a bathroom to enthuse about! See ya!


Alby Mangroves said...

Love the bathroom - even in the unfinished state it is in, I see great promise! And don't be silly about your bag for Mum, it's gorgeous! If I got that bag for MD, I'd be v.impressed !

Lesley said...

Oooh, the bathroom's looking swish already!
I have finished quilting and am now making the binding all ready for you to sew on. Shall I deliver on Friday? Call me.
Happy anniversary for the other day - you look gorgeous all dressed up and ready for your night out.
Cannot see an evil image in the bag - it looks great to me.

Frogdancer said...

Oh My God!

Your daughter has stolen your face!!!!

Linda said...

Okay, yes, I can see a face--but not an evil one--just an unhappy one. However, the same image could be a woman's figure (with flowers for nipples) and she has horns!! I wouldn't worry about it at all--it's a gorgeous bag and you can find whatever pictures you want!
Lurking Linda

victoria said...

Ha ha the mad face on the bag! I love the fabric, it's gorgeous so I think that makes up for the grumpy face. By the way, a lot of lino patterns contain grumpy faces like that too..
LOVE the photos of you guys and your kids.