Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blondes have more fun

Well, I've been a busy little bunny.

You may have noticed my photo has changed - this one was taken on Friday when I was out at lunch for a retirement do for one of my husband's oldest colleagues. We had a riotous time at a local restaurant I have been to 3 times in the last 2 months - I had a great prawn dish with garlic prawns, coriander and lime sauce. The waiter was a bright friendly guy who joined in our jokes, and kept us discreetly walled off in a private courtyard, so we didn't disturb other diners with our hoots of laughter and loud stories. It was a really good long lunch, with quite a bit
I finally begged off at 3pm to return home and cook for the afternoon tea we hosted yesterday for my birthday. Excuse the red-eyes in the picture below, but its the only photo I have that shows any of the spread.
We had pumpkin scones, vanilla cupcakes(GF), orange and almond cake(GF), smoked salmon rolls and sandwiches, Greek hazelnut crescents, chocolate biscuits (GF), and a chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream, toasted pistachios and drizzled dark chocolate (yum), all washed down with tea and coffee in nice china cups, just like Ladies. When we'd finished being ladies we got stuck into a nice red wine to finish, but it was ostensibly an afternoon tea and I had a great time. It was marvellous to have an excuse to bake and bake and not to have to eat it all myself.
The girls really got stuck into the afternoon tea as well, and polished off the plates nicely, then sat under the table chatting to each other (6" away) via Facebook. It was hilarious.
It was a lovely excuse to dig out the good china. I especially enjoyed the way all the china connected me to women from my past. I had 3 teacup sets from my late Nanna, one I received for my 21st, 2 from a friend's mother that were gifted to me by my friend, a favourite plate from a late aunt of my husband, another plate from friends in Japan, my lighthouse cups, a set of 4 from my sister's wedding china that she gifted me with a few years ago. A silver fold-up tiered what-not from an elderly connection of the family. A china coffee pot that belonged to my late mother-in-law, whom I never met, and a small plate that was hand-painted by my paternal grandmother. She died when I was 15.
I feel very connected to these woman from all facets of my life. The guests included 3 friends I did midwifery with; 3 friends I have known from Mother's camp (one of whom is also a midwife); Lesley who I know from playgroup 20+ years ago, my daughter, two of my sisters, two nieces, Steff's friend A and my Mum. There were a few men present as well, but it was mostly a lovely gathering of women.
Ah, it did my heart good. What a lucky woman I am.
Not to mention the fact that this time next week I shall be in Amsterdam. Then the north of Italy. Then ... (squee) ... PARIS again! Sigh. I'm almost jealous of myself.


Kel said...

oh wow, that sounds like a great afternoon. i love that sort, cruisy, loud, familiar...bliss and , well, as for you being off to europe, and paris... *blows rasberries*

Lesley said...

It really was a splendid spread! Great company, too. I'll miss you when you're off to the world, so have a great time and hurry back!

Stomper Girl said...

That looks like a fabulous spread, special china and all. Ooh, your trip sounds fabulous, I'm turning a quiet shade of green over here. (20 years since I was in Paris, too long)

victoria said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy that trip with an AMAZING itinery!!

Alby Mangroves said...

I'm jealous with a capital JEAL !

InfoMidwife said...

The menu sounds fab, can totally relate to it all, digging out the good china, baking, eating and drinking all great fun. I just don't do it often enough. Your new photo is very elegant. I am sure you will have a ball and I look forward to reading all about it on your blog. Happy Birthday! xx

Lisa L said...

happy birthday! i miss oz and the beautiful food! glad you had a great few days :)