Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Packed and outta here!

Well, I'm off again.

Guidebooks? Tick.

Knickers? Tick.

Bras? Ooh, that was a close one, I nearly forgot...Tick.

Favourite husband? Tick.

Lots of books to read on the plane? Tick.

Colour coordinated wardrobe for European early summer? This season Laura will be seen in a versatile wardrobe of black, pink and purple accents. Two pairs of shoes only. Tick.

Camera and batteries, card cleared for lots of vital photos? Tick.

Adult children prepped and briefed and cooked for and groaning under lists? Tick.

Various family members ready and organised to help out with appointments? Tick (thanks so much gang).

Blogs read? not yet....I wish I could suspend Bloglines for 2 weeks, but I may have some downtime while Don is at his conference so I can sit in a cafe somewhere and catch up.

Off to the world of airports, fabulous cities and 3 non-English speaking countries in 2 weeks.

Caio belle!


Natalie said...

Am I too late?
Are we going to cross paths?
We leave Saturday for London and then to many other non-English speaking countries over 3 weeks!
Wouldn't it be a kick to share a croissant or beer or Spanish wine?!

Frogdancer said...

Have a lovely time (said Frogdancer, who is a delicate shade of envious green.)

Janet said...

maybe if you get some internet cafe time you can tantalise us with a travel story? much more interesting than our stay at home blogs that will be here when you get back! have fun!

Lisa L said...

bon voyage! have a great time :)

Ruth said...

Have a great trip Laura. Please do not hesitate to call/email if I can do anything for you here while you're away.

Love ruth

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time and a wonderful trip and - happy birthday from the rhubarbs :)