Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lighthouse love

Look what I found in a market today!
A set of cups and saucers with lighthouses on them! Just lighthouses! No extra nautical nonsense, just pure lighthouses and a bit of sunshineyness.I'm delighted with them. Don is shaking his head "where are we going to put those? We don't need any more cups and saucers, we don't use the ones we have now.....moan, whinge, rue"
Honey...its not about the drinking implements.
Look, there're four different ones- red, green, blue and PURPLE! LustAnyway, I just remembered I owe you a post about the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse. This lighthouse was completed in 1905, and manned until (um I've forgotten, but I think it was 1980 or so).
There were 3 lighthouse keepers and their families here, with a house each (one of them pictured above). They worked in shifts around the clock with jobs at the top and the bottom to be completed each 20 minutes. Pumping fuel up to the light, and rewinding the clockwork mechanism to keep it rotating, that was limited by the height of the tower. Sheesh!
This very accessible lighthouse is not too tall, which means we can all climb to the top without too much effort It was very windy. The flag was straining at the leash. There is a remote weather station inside which records wind gusts experienced at the lighthouse. It peaked at 33 knots while we were there. The interior is a round room with a spiral staircase leading to only two upper levels. The views and angles were pretty enticing to photograph. The walls were REALLY thick, and the windows offered interesting glimpses of the surroundings. On the first floor, we saw the turning mechanism for the lens, with a heavy mercury base for stability and glide. There were glimpses of the lens as it rotated above our heads. We saw it every 10 secs and it was really hard to get a shot of it.... Nope... Nope, missed it again...see what I mean? Ah, at least that one was a little more in focus. Then we went up to the next level. Here we had a chance to go out onto the exterior platform. It was REALLY windy. Steff was worried she'd blow away so she stayed inside when it was time to go outside on the upper railing.
I didn't have that concern...
South Africa is thataway.
Once again the shots of the rotating lens were hard to resist taking, even if they don't mean much. (Am I boring you? You had to be there I suppose). They keep the lens rotating 24/7 so the powerful lens doesn't focus the suns rays and set fire to the lighthouse.
When I came back inside I realized that every 10 secs there was the most amazing sequence of rainbows being flashed intermittently on the wall from the prisms above. Could I capture the best of them?
Nope.... 27 shots later I gave up. Honest...there was a really broad one that was dazzling. We headed downstairs. They shine the brass railing every day...I was impressed...I was reluctant to leave. It was so compelling. I'm so glad I went.
I'm off to have a cup of tea now....I think I'll use the purple one.


Fairlie said...

Thanks for the tour of the lighthouse..that took me right back. I spent many summer holidays within walking distance of that lighthouse!

Alby Mangroves said...

Love a good lighthouse! Purple would have been my first choice :)

Scott said...

Great lighthouse! I've never been to the top of one - looks high up. A few years ago I went to King Island and they had lighthouses galore. They used to just have one at the northern tip of the island, but then all the sailors thought that they were approaching Melbourne and headed south - slamming right into the west coast of the island!

Lisa L said...

The cups and saucers make you happy, and that's what matters. Enjoy every sip from them, and revel in your smile and good feelings when you look at them!

vgeerling said...

The lighthouse looks magical. How could I not love lighthouses after growing up watching the Tv show "Round The Twist", the interior decoration in their lighthouse was superb. I always wanted to live their. The windyness does sound a bit scary though.