Thursday, June 25, 2009

You should see the view!

I am going to try and be really clever now and take a photo with my mobile and email it to myself here at the cafe right now, hang among yourselves.......waiting for them to arrive so you can see the photos.

I am on the shores of Lago Maggiore at Stresa. It is seriously gorgeous. I feel like I'm on the Riviera. The Isola Bella is almost touching distance away. The little water taxis cruise in and out (in fact I may catch one to go along the waterfront to the town square which is about a 2km walk).

The hotels along the lakefront are stunning. The Hotel Regina Palace which is the venue for my husband's conference is just that. Palatial. Lush, tasteful furnishing with a neutral and gold theme and each room is accented in a different colour. Red for one room, pale blue for another, green for a third. All with really high ceilings and enormous windows that overlook cascading gardens. Heavenly.

Yet it is not at all posh. There are a range of hotel standards. We're in a little 2 star place that has really nice rooms and a bathroom and balcony just a street back with lake glimpses. The community is nestled into a hillside, with small villages adjoining. I wandered around one yesterday, walking (uphill, gasp) from the internet cafe I am at currently. It ended up being a 5km walk. I felt very virtuous.

I am going to sign off now. The photos haven't come through yet, but a cablecar (won't) awaits me to take me to a mountain top. Such is life.

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Shawna said...

Delightful :)

Pity the pictures didn't come through.

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