Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Did I tell you I found another Xmas tree?

EXACTLY the same as the old one. Same box. Same plastic-cast Cypress foliage.

In an op-shop. For $4. (Ah, good old St Vinnie's, always a find or two.)

Brought it home, thinking even if its completely crap, its only $4.

It was bigger. Taller than me! Squee! A secret desire fulfilled!

Except it had one rather important row of branches missing.

Which just happened to be the same size as the largest branches from the old, shorter tree.

Cannibalise....Hey Presto! A new improved tree! We were doing the happy dance!

I also hung ornaments all over the new ornamental screen outside - they look purty!

I'm off to take it down right now. Happy 12th night everyone.

(sorry no photos, due to bad screen-ness of my camera - on my to-do list for the next two days off)

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Anonymous said...

Good score :) Well done!