Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year and 100th post!!!

Well, that says it all really.

Somehow I have now typed 100 messages to the universe, known as the internet.

Some of these message threads have floated out into space and connected with some of you. Like gossamer into the world wide web.

We are anchored at each end. Alerting the other to our presence through a gentle tug at the line now and then, occasionally catching another cross-thread between us and each sensing it, following it to a new friend.

This is the way that we share our daily/weekly/whenever communications.

I can assure you I had no idea how addictive I would find Blogland to be. Especially now I use Bloglines as a reader. 100+ feeds, sigh, yet I care about each of the lives I peer into.

I thirst for the latest news, creation, baby, musings, and updates on loved ones.

And don't get me started on the photography I have seen.

My life feels richer for 'knowing' new people through this medium. Most of us have never met, nor ever will.

But there you are. And here I am.

Thanks. For listening. For commenting. For writing and sharing. But most of all...for being there.

Does anyone fancy a random de-stash draw? You'd be helpin me out. Honest. Most of you have NO IDEA of the chaos I am sitting in.

(Continue to) Save me from myself.

You know the drill. Leave a comment.

You've got a week (until midnight next Friday night).

See ya, keep in touch!


Julie said...

Mmmmm, you can count me in though I'm sure sure my little world of chaos could do with a de-stash too. I'm thinking our quilt group needs to do another round of charity quilts to get our stash's back in order. Who knows where your fabric may end up???

Frogdancer said...

A de-stash sounds good. I've just started a totally hand sewn tumbling dice quilt. Because I'm an idiot.
It's amazing how many scrappy pieces of fabric I've used. I feel so frugal.
Congratulations on the 100! It's lovely to have met you (both virtual and in person.)

M said...

Happy New Year! And congratulations on 100 posts. A double celebration.

Heather said...

Congratulations on post 100!

Lesley said...

Cooee! Happy new year, Laura, and congratulations on your century. Don't put me in your draw, I'm trying to unload so I can pack up! So looking forward to seeing you NEXT MONTH!

Melzie said...

happy 100th post :) I love reading your posts, because I love blogs that balance out quilting with real life and you certainly do that! now PICK ME PICK ME lol xoxo melzie

Linda said...

Happy New Year! I've passed your blog on to a friend who is training to be a midwife in Canada. I enjoy your baby blogs very, very much. I'd love to enter your blogversary de stash!
Lurking Linda

changingways said...

Please dont put me in your de-stash draw cause I don't yet know how to sew or anything (though it is one of my long term goals). But I wanted to say congratulation on 100 posts and to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog.

Janet said...

happy 100th post Laura! blogland is a beautiful place indeed.

I'd love to go in your random de-stash draw but I have no idea where I'd put anything that wasn't going to be used immediately - so I think I'll have to pass too.... but I did want to pop in and mark the occasion.

may there be many more blog posts to come!

NessH said...

Congrats on the 100th blog...count me in..thanks for the amusing posts

Anonymous said...

You really do not have to offer bribery to get comments and readers, you are addictive as you are and I can't miss a post ;)

infomidwife said...

Happy 100th blog, its always a good read, catch up with you soon

Blossom said...

happy 100th post!!!!!!!
I have been a lurker for a while.I love reading your birth stories.


Victoria said...

That is a beautiful and eloquent summing up of the magic of blogs. I totally agree.
Congrats on 100 posts!
Count me in for the draw.
Happy new year!

Lisa L said...

Congratulations on 100 posts! Awesomeness :)

h&b said...

Congratulations and
Happy New Year !

Hope the de-stash went well ;)