Monday, January 19, 2009

I am here.

Just busy....being good.

Typing minutes while at the computer instead of blogging.

Seeing High School Musical 3 with the girls (finally) - OMG it was sooooo great, I really loved it. Ahem. No... was good clean fun, with much UST (unresolved sexual tension). You could just tell that they were dying to get it on. And the music makes so much more sense in context, and it was much funnier than I thought it would be, and slightly less cheesy. And we went with A, who was squealing with delight. She is pretty well, if scarred. Its been good to see her twice this week, for two sleepovers and much cuddling. Concerns continue, but cuddling is reassuring.

Watching Northern Exposure on DVD - a real blast from the past, and still quirky and funny.

Op-shopping a bit. De-stashing in my head (sorry Vic, you're the ONLY recipient, it will be an awaited pleasure -soon).

Nursing a very tender ingrown and infected big toe that I can barely reach due to the stiffness of my back (since long ago surgery). I am trying to be a tough wuss, but my son thinks the faces I pull when hubby drips alcohol on it to dry it out (while gripping it tighter than he knows) are hysterical. I am trying not to vomit in pain, and he's snickering. He's very lucky he didn't have to push out (himself) as a 10lb baby. Adorable swine.

Going to work a lot.

No playing of bingo. Not much reading. NO crafting (hmmph).

Lots of Bloglining.

Trying to sleep in dodgy heat of 22 - 25C overnight. Sigh.

Looking forward to holidays.

Not getting the camera fixed yet. Tomorrow.

Growing my hair. Down one day, up the next. With flowers, clips, pretties etc. Very girlie.

Checking out pizza ovens. We are likely to build one ourselves from a kit. What fun! I've always wanted to try mosaics! I know if I uncover/de-stash enough piles of books I will find the book I bought about how-to-mosaic (stop laughing Widget. You too Lesley). The oven will also be green (the colour) - to match the newly rendered wall that has finally been completed. We are scrounging tiles and china and materials.

Getting quotes for a bathroom renovation.

And so it goes. Keep in touch.

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widget said...

A pizza oven will look awesome in your garden.

You sound so busy.....but that's good. Head the idea of it.