Monday, January 12, 2009

And the winner is...

Me! (cos no-one has asked me to interview them - not one - phew, I was worried there for a bit). This was meant to be me as an avatar. I made it ages ago, I've lost the link...sorry, thats a bit lame too.

But seriously...Victoria of Dear Meagan has won the random de-stash draw for my 100th post!

I'm pretty tickled about this, because last year I was lucky enough to receive two prints of Vic's lovely collages, which are on display and constantly catch my eye. As a result of this, and my fan-dom for her site, I have a pretty good idea of the kind of thing that she would like. I will try and take usable photos of the loot and show you when it has arrived in Victoria's place in Victoria.

Let the de-stashing begin while I search for Vic's email and snail mail address. Woo-hoo! Its a whisker cooler here after a heatwave of 14 days above 32C, with more to come later this week.

Are you bored with the no-photo thing? I am, sadly no repair yet, but I have the address.
I've been busy with work and meetings. I really do have lots of projects on the go, this is going to be an interesting year from the midwifery perspective. I have been gallivanting on a little secondment for a few weeks and getting a change of scene. Its fun, and I'm gaining experience in a whole new arena, but I confess I miss LBS. I miss birthing.
Come on number 46!


Anonymous said...

Great avatar - how did you make that? It's excellent!

Victoria said...

I'm so happy to have won. It always provides a big creative inspiration to be sent stuff from other bloggers in the mail - I love it.
Really enjoyed reading your varied and interesting answers to the interview. Totally agree about opshopping - all those reasons.
Would love to have a baby at home and not go to hospital at all if I could produce healthier babies.
I am too chicken to be "interviewed" because I already censor big time what I write on ny blog - too many people and organisations involved! Hmmm, that sounded more dramatic than I meant it too.
Ok, this comment is getting way too long.