Monday, April 14, 2008

Pouch madness

Does this look like a pile of 59 pouches waiting to be sewn?
Remarkably compact really, considering it took me at least 3 hours to cut them all out.

I am not brave enough to show you the pile of fabric/debris from whence they came! Suffice to say that would be an overshare into my world of mess.

However, here is the first of the completed ones - it is earmarked for a colleague. I'm pleased with the colour combo.
I wonder when/if I'll ever get to using the trims from this stash? I especially love the wide watered taffeta piece.Some of these I bought in Florence last year. I really must photograph the Japanese stuff, vintage obis and yukatas, that Lesley and I indulged in last month.

As a final insight into my sewing den (of iniquity) I include a photo of my trusty Pinnock sewing machine, which I have had for 18 years and I love to bits. It was misbehaving as I was sewing up the green pouch (and its successor), so I felt it probably was very overdue for clean/ service / oil up. Oh my, it was. Poor little machine. It ran much better when I tested it afterwards.

This last is a photo of some flowers I had last year. They were photographed in my laundry, which was refitted completely in October 2006. I love the clean benches and am quite thingy about keeping this small area of my home pretty tidy. I can manage ONE room!


Lesley said...

Ooh! More of your gorgeous pouches! Let me know when you blog about the stuff we scored from Japon, and I'll do one at the same time!
Fifty-nine, Laura? OMG!

Natalie said...

Santa's workshop!
Good idea, and lovely too.
I like that you have a room you manage to keep tidy... I am trying to decide which room I might vow to keep neat and sweet.