Friday, April 11, 2008

7 Random things meme

OK, so I've been tagged a bit.

This is an amalgamation of replies for tags from Natalie, Alice and ...I'm sure there was another person too...hmm.. Lets see

7 former jobs.
I used to work
1. in a circus
2. in a bakery
3. as a phlebotomist (a person/vampire who takes blood for tests)
4. as a swimming teacher
5. as a professional dancer (I'm a qualified teacher too)
6. as proof reader for a local newspaper and
7. as a silver service waitress, and later as a barmaid.

7 places I have lived
1. Melbourne (1986-87)
2. Waiheke Island in New Zealand (1999)
3. Madison, Wisconsin, USA (1991-92)
4. Minakami, Japan (1981)
5. Singapore (1981, 1982)
6. Bangkok (1981)
7. Perth, Western Australia (most of the rest of my life)

7 favourite foods
1. Dhufish chowder
2. Roast pork
3. Combination Chop Suey (not very authentic, but always yummy)
4. Chocolate, pref Cabdury's or Lindt balls, but rarely turn any down!
5. Hearty soups
6. Curries in general
7. Grapes (seedless)

7 things I say frequently
1. I'm not dead yet
2. Can you empty the dishwasher please?
3. Yes of course darling
4. You say that* (*insert topical reference here) like its a bad thing! ;P
5. well done / good work / I love the way you...
6. I need to get on the computer please
7. Ah bugger

7 movies I have loved
1. Four Weddings and a Funeral
2. Love Actually
3. City of Angels
4. Chicago
5. Hairspray
6. A Fish called Wanda
7. Strictly Ballroom

7 things I did today
1. Cut out 60 pouches (yes, 60, I am very tired, but I have had a very big textile fix now)
2. Made a bit of a mess achieving the above.
3. Hung out two loads of washing, and put on the dishwasher.
4. Showered and cleaned my teeth
5. Stayed home (what a luxury)
6. Read emails and blogs
7. Cuddled my family

7 things I can see from my current location
1. My computer (well, duh)
2. my stash (hello my pretties)
3. my wedding photo (so young, so thin)
4. a spare mattress
5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
6. a poster of Tutankhamun
7. A big mess (see above)

7 People I'd like to have dinner with
1. Dalai Lama
2. Tim Winton (an Australian Author)
3. Natalie of Chicken Blog
4. Hilary Clinton (5. Bill can come too)
6. Peg Geisler (7. Dan can come too)

I have never
1. been arrested
2. smoked a cigar (yuk)
3. been to Ayer's Rock / Uluru
4. Read a Shakespeare play
5. Seen the film 'Alien'
6. ...umm, running out of steam, its hard to answer in the negative.

7 things on my to-do list
1. Make (gradually) the 60 pouches I have cut out and sell them.
2. Design and make a QS quilt for our bed for our 25th wedding anniversary (2010)
3. Catch more babies
4. Write more about what it means to catch babies. Teach/tour/workshop with these ideas
5. Complete my current Bingo project - its a work in progress.
6. Spend more quality time with my husband, maybe travelling.
7. De-clutter (a bit). I can't live in too sterile a place (snort, how would I know?)

In theory one is meant to tag others to do this kind of thing. Meh. Please yourself. I'm feeling slack.

Nighty night!


Little Sis said...

Good Morning Beautiful...

Just doing my daily check of my sisters cool site, which is just the bestest, actually I have it set as one of my homepages.

Talking to you soon I hope.
Loving you lots, love Hally Wal

Natalie said...

This was fun, and yes, I accept the dinner invitation! I feel honored. A phlebotomist? Now I know 2. I worked in a bakery. I have not been to Uluru either, so maybe when I am in Perth for your State Dinner, we can jet over to The Rock!

Alby Mangroves said...

Hey, these are great! I reckon catching babies is just about the best thing anyone could do :)