Friday, April 25, 2008

Have I seen the duster?

How's that for a question? My husband just asked it of me.

"NO...but then, you are asking the wrong person." Husband grunts ruefully in reply. (I feel a bit naughty for being so truthful). Have I seen the duster? Puh-leese!

If you are reading this you have discovered my FIFTIETH post! 50. Five zero. Wow! Thanks for popping by! If you are new - welcome! If we've been cyber-acquainted for a while, then its good to have you back! Thanks for all your interest, encouragement and support through all the ups and downs. I love to read your comments, and see your blogs, and get to know you, wherever you are.

Apparently there are around 7 or 8 of you per day, with a peak of 20 visitors one day in February. I have no aspirations to take over the cyberworld, or sell anything, or advertise anything, so I am delighted I get to have a chat with my friends in such an efficient way each day. I can say whatever is on my mind, toss ideas around, and share the latest from my world. From the stats (and comments) it appears readers like to hear tales from my world of midwifery - that's lucky - cos I love to talk about it too! I hope I am doing it in a general, non-identifying way, as I wouldn't want to dis' anyone, or intrude, but these stories are part of my life as well.

I was home by 5pm today, the earliest I have been home from work all week. All my babies were little puddings today, getting fatter, and so I was able to discharge most of them, including the nervous first time parents I mentioned in my last post. Yesterday they were still quite nervy and unsure, the Mum a bit dependent about small things, asking me if I would help them with a bath etc. Mum was engorged. The baby had lost weight too. As I was already nearly 90 mins into overtime, and they had a house full of family I declined to help with the bath, with a gentle reminder that these initial discomforts are part of the journey to parenthood, that help to bond you to your baby. You wouldn't suffer all this for just any old baby would you? Its a bit unpleasant but it will pass, and you've told me how you are so lucky to have a nice house and family so close. Have faith! Yes, your breasts are a bit engorged, but you can get a pump from here, or here, just make the phonecall. Your milk is nicely in, I think tomorow you'll be a new woman. . . . And she was! Breasts not full of rocks today, just full of milk, with a very content baby, more sleep last night as baby was fuller with each feed and had gained weight well since yesterday. They looked more confident, and this time I felt just fine about gently saying their time was up, off I go and leave you to be a little family all independent! You'll be great! And they will be, and today they believed me.

The expat family was also discharged today, with a little fattie baby gaining weight nicely, Mum's breasts settled down. How nice to meet them, and they appreciated the home-visits too, and being in a more familiar Western culture for a while. I told them some of the local kid-friendly, fun and educational places in town as they are home-schooling and have little opportunity for field trips in the city they live in. Hope they enjoy their stay.

Another new Mum home with her first baby, a well-loved little one in a busy household, with sisters who have older kids on hand to offer advice and an experienced shoulder. She'll be fine.

A family with baby number three, looks well content but was a bit cold, sleepy and vomiting quite a bit. Grew a bug that can be dangerous to babies, hmm, low-threshold for concern here, better get him checked out. The doctors tried to give me the runaround, but agreed he needed to be reviewed. Hope that works OK for them all, I'll be interested to hear the results of his review.
This is the end of a three day stint, and I feel like I'm finally getting into the swing of it. Gaining confidence, phew. I really like to see all the little families out there, starting out on their own, learning to fly, or at least survive take-off! It really is a leap of faith.


Natalie said...

50 is nifty! Congratulations on this milestone. The blogosphere is a better place for your contributions, so please blog on!

M said...

Congratulations on 50 posts. We're both celebrating today - I'm celebrating one year blogging.

Blog on!

thenerms said...

I totally agree with your other comments...
You blog to your hearts content.
I love hearing about your days and doing the job that YOU love...
You go girl... Yay 50 blogs ......
100% support on this end.

Lesley said...

Fifty - and fabulous!

Frogdancer said...


Good on you. Glad the babies are doing well.

alice said...

Happy 50th B(log) Day!