Thursday, January 31, 2008

You like?

Had the most fabulous shopping find.

Ruby. Silk. Beaded. Bias cut. My size. AND 70% off.

A dream come true. Be still my heart!

I've got one heck of a March coming up. 3 weddings and a formal retirement do in Japan. This frock is for the wedding in Melbourne at the end of March. The invitation says Lounge suit. I'm sure this fabulous little number will be appropriate.

Now all I need is a cast iron girdle. :o)


Natalie said...

Gorgeous! That is a delicious shade of red... cranberry. You will look beautiful in it, and we will need to see a picture of two!

Helen Conway said...

Absolutely gorgous dress. I just found your blog becuase of your comment on jennifer's blog about her mess and our day together. I agree - you I should show some of your stuff. I am eternally nosey about people's 'studio's.
Plus have to say I have really enjoyed the nmidwife posts her and will be back for more.

Laura Jane said...

I am gathering the courage to post about

A. Me in the dress until I find said girdle! The unrestrained belly is something to behold! Too much gorgeousness CAN be enough.

B. The chaos in my sewing room with photos (and elsewhere, I confess)

Nice to meet you Helen, come back any time. I enjoy dropping into your blog too - can you see your link?

Its SO nice to have readers! (grin)

Karen said...

Oh gawd, Laura, I know just what you mean about the cast iron girdle! Took my sister-in-law to-be shopping in Claremont yesterday and tried on a fab tunic in my size - bust size, that is. My belly looked like a peanut in a linen skin! Slim future rel bought lots of lovely marked-down goodies; I bought a handbag.