Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wanted: A baby

Hmm, having a lean patch in the baby department :(

I have looked after heaps of women and couples...but no baby in my hands. Sigh. They just aren't ready to birth when its time for me to go home, or I'm doing tea relief in the room and they're not mine anyway, or there are a new batch of resident doctors around who need to get up to speed on catching again really quick so THEY are allocated for the birth - they aim for one per shift! (that'd be nice). There have been lots of emergency CS lately too.

This week I have had 3 consecutive women birth a few hours after I go home and have 1. a young mum with a spontaneous labour and just one shot of morphine on board have a massive shoulder dystocia and a very flat baby (ow, very scary for Mum and midwife - its like trying to get the video out of the slot sideways and the shoulders get stuck on the pubic arch) 2. a CS for non-dilation and an unstable lie and known growth restriction and fetal anomalies, baby still in nursery and 3. a vacuum birth and a PPH and the poor woman is very traumatised and pale and can barely look at her son.

Today I have had a pretty easy shift. We were quiet and all wandered around asking the others if we could help them out, interspersed with emergencies that removed all the doctors just when you needed them! I had one woman who kept me busy near the end of shift, but helped out with another couple who did get a baby and I got to spend a bit of time with them - cute baby, a bit lopsided but sweet natured, wide-eyed and alert.

Such is midwifery. I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I'm on nights again from next weekend so I hope to see some baby birthings then!

Wish me luck!


Natalie said...

Yes, I wish you luck!
Our friends will be welcoming a baby very soon, and I am doing my level best not to hover or beg to be in the delivery room... must not be a pest, but I do love babies and deliveries!

blackbird said...

I do wish you luck!
I love these stories and have long fantasized of being a midwife.