Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy listmaking

Happy 2008.

There...that sounds like a plan doesn't it?

Natalie over at Chicken Blog made an inspiring post a few days ago (as is her frequent habit, love that woman and her blog), and talked about 'don't believe everything you think'. She has also spread the idea of a list of '10 achievements I'm glad I did' from various other bloggers. So...catching that bug, and in no particular order here are mine.

1. Went back to uni and studied nursing and midwifery. Good Plan. Very rewarding, very fulfilling, a perfect match for me. It combines all of my interests and skills.
2. Having my two children. They have been the making of me in many ways.
3. Got into quilting and craft. Another very fulfilling part of my life. I'll have a go at anything.
4. Journalling. An outlet and an inlet into my life and myself.
5. Travelled. Been to lots of places. Seen amazing things (the Northern lights, a Tibetan Buddhist temple in India with 100 monks chanting in full regalia). Did a lot in 2007. And plan to do more. This year we return to Japan for a brief visit. Love it.
6. Qualified for mother's camp. Great people. Lifelong friends. Shared experiences. Punya homework (you had to be there - long adult story). It has changed my life.
7. Made a decision to revive my marriage. Falls into the 'don't believe everything you think' category. Major pay-off in the 'for better or worse' category. Those vows mean alot to me. As they should. Every year (and day lately) I appreciate Don more and more.
8. Danced. Anywhere, anytime. Used to be a professional dancer (for real). Also delighted to have been a belly dancer in my 30's. If you ask me what I am, I am a dancer and a midwife.
9. Flew on a trapeze. 4 times. Weighing 102kg. With a somersault dismount. Yeh. Such a physical high. Terrifying but exhilarating. There are photos!
10. Got involved. With lots of things that came my way, mostly as a volunteer. Rich personal rewards. Who'd be bored?

Hmm, suspicious that none of the above involves keeping a tidy house - did you spot that? I haven't noticed it on anyone else's list either.

Looked after a couple having their first baby today. Pushed for hours, finally got that dear boy out with forceps up in theatre. Gorgeous little fella just shy of 9lbs. Huge head. Tears of joy (even I misted up a bit-Dad was blubbing). A vaginal birth achieved with a huge effort from the woman, me, and all the team. Good assessment, a tight fit, but achieved. Phew.

Wonder what their list of 10 things will be?


Lisa W. said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment so i can trackback and find you! Wow...Perth! On my list of places to visit in my lifetime! Love your birth stories and stories of self exploration......i think we all go through those phases of feeling lovable vs. feeling useful vs...etc. would love to chat with you more. Wish the US society was not so litiginous or privacy conscious...by the time enough time has gone by to safely post an interesting birth story, ....i've forgotten it or it's so far down the queue that its relevence is no longer so acute. love your title...mine should be 'now...what was the question'? with my little menopausal brain and all...definately getting some long layers and going darker...thanks for the advice...have an appt next week. my email is midwifeknits at yahoo dot com , talk to you soon. lisa

Natalie said...

My goodness. You are just making this the nicest start to the day... thank you. Your list is amazing, and I love the insight about no one listing house cleaning in their achievements... such a good reminder of what matters and what doesn't.