Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Works in progress

We've all got them. Some of us have rooms full of them.

I consider myself to be one.

Which will I attend to today?

The winner of yesterday's WIP lottery was the swap-journal - it was due to be posted to MB (Hi MB) in the Mojave Desert of CA - don'tcha just love the sound of that? The Mojave desert. Mo-har-vay. With Joshua trees and all. Mmmm Mmm. We passed through the Joshua Tree Forest in Arizona on our recent trip to the Grand Canyon- but the video I took is stuck in the video camera - long story.
I mostly made the journal two weeks ago using fabric I have had stashed for around ten years. I took my colour choice from a post of MB's about 'if I can't live near the ocean I will surround myself with blue'. I also know she has been having a rough family time lately so wanted it (the journal) to seem a bit dreamy in quality. And so this marbled style fabric seemed the go.

I'm quite pleased with it. It has free motion embroidery / quilting all over it with words about journalling using thread I previously used to quilt my daughter's underwater quilt (more of the ocean theme).
To finish it off I made a cord from some toning threads and made Chinese frog closures. I thought it would be fiendishly difficult as I am essentially quite knot challenged, but I was shocked to be able to use my first effort on the cover! See? This is the front edge.And that's the back looped over the front frog button. Phew. Along with a bundle of a few Aussie scenery books (probably not suitable for airmail posting but what the heck) and a chocolate or two and it was OFF!

Another WIP off the list! Making space for another one to be planned, cut out, ... left ... halfway through.... interrupted, sigh.

Its a good thing that fabric is non-perishable. That way our stashes last forever! I do have so many textile plans. I will have to live until I am ninety to get them all done - as long as I still have my eyesight and my marbles...

I think I'm regaining my marbles, by the way :)

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Lesley said...

Yes — I was going to say something about the marbles. I can hear them rolling around merrily again!
Glad to see photos of your journal: skype just didn't capture the lovely details. MB will be ecstatic.