Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wild weather = wild women

Its been a while since I showed you any Wild Women. Wanna see the latest batch?

My previous WW are found here and in mid-April archives. The latest girls have been a while coming as I have been quite stop/start with them.
Here is Nymph. You've met her before, but she got finished with some extra floral embroidery and is now ready to take off to her new home.
This is Regina. She is a queen of Rio, and dresses in the colours of the carnival.
Below is Minnie. She took her time to reveal herself, and was bald for quite some time. It didn't suit her. But when she claimed some sorbet-coloured locks she came alive. Her arms and legs are 'milagros' and have a lovely textureand she has vintage crochet lace as her skirt. I think she is doing the Twist.
This is Jaune. Someone I know is having a special birthday soon and guess where Jaune is going to live?
Finally, you have also seen this sweetie before but she was shy and hadn't told me her name yet. She has just whispered it to me...May I introduce Flora. She likes violets.
She was nervous for her close-up, but I think it turned out, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Oh, gorgeous, just gorgeous. So unique and individual, each one. Love them!

Laura Jane said...

Thanks, they are pretty cute, eh?

Fairlie said...

They are lovely. Such personality.

Lesley said...

Gorgeous - and even better in person. You must get your stay shop going!
BTW: does my WW have a name?