Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Happy Harry Day!

We are going to see the latest HP flick tonight and we are sooooo excited! There is jumping up and down! And that's just with ME!

Also on my to-do list for today:

Colour my hair (in progress, be grateful I don't have live webcam)

Hang out washing (done) before men come to pull down the back fence adjacent to washing line (only found out about this one 30 minutes ago)

Hopefully have hair and shower achieved by the time men come to do said fence.

Fold a very large amount of washing.

Vacuum through.

Make fried rice and pumpkin scones for a pre-Harry large avo-tea, as the session goes over dinner time and I know I'm not gonna last.

Cut and colour my sister's hair.

Fuss over my Mum who is quite sick with a shocking chest, but insists on coming to Harry tonight. She can gawk at photos while I do hair.

Receive, feed and keep the hysteria down on 2, no, 3, no ....well, on all of our pre-Harry excitement. Oh who am I kidding? I can't wait!!!!!

Better get onto it!


mtnchild said...

You are sooo funny! Good luck with everything you need to get done and have a wonderful time with Harry!!


Stomper Girl said...

I wanna come! I'm going to try and see it this weekend. My least favourite reviewer gave it a big thumbs-down, I hope he's wrong (again!)

Frogdancer said...

Of course he's wrong!!!

Have a lovely time. We'll be going some time this weekend, I think. It's a Family Tradion that we all go and see Harry together.

Jennifer said...

Can't wait to hear what you thought of the film! I think it's my favorite of the books, though it's so hard to choose....

Lesley said...

So I know you've since given the Harry eight out of ten, so now we need a review to find out what it lost points for.
Hey, talking of live web-cams, I have Skype. Remember when that's all we had to goss and chat and keep in touch!
This is so much better!