Monday, July 20, 2009

Cold off the press

WOW!!!!WOW!!!! There has just been the most incredible hailstorm come through here!
The front yard, looking toward the veggie patch
The back yard adrift.

I'm glad I'm not showering outside here today!
This is the back lane , with runoff through the drifts.
I can hear the little guy next door whooping in delight as he discovers another pile.

This is the neighbour's verge. Ice rinse for the washing, anyone?

Let's see if I can upload the footage I took of it hailing from the back door.

WOW!!!!! It happened nearly an hour ago and its still in drifts.(edited to add it lasted 7 hours, it has only just melted, but Don and Steff both got to see it when they came home)

I have never seen such a heavy hailstorm, I'm grateful there was no damage, as the hailstones themselves were not too big, but I'm glad I took photos.

And there's a bowl of it in the freezer!!!


Lesley said...

WOW! We saw the indigo sky as we just drove to the shops — so that's where it all fell!
How exciting to imagine what your place would look like if perth got snowy winters!

Debby said...

Holy cow. I've never seen such a heavy hail.

Ev said...

Heavens, we are in Canning Vale and didn't get any of that. We had a small hail storm the night before but it didn't last long and melted away pretty quickly. I do love your
wild women, they have so much personality.