Friday, June 20, 2008

Busy busy

Is anyone still there?

Its hard to maintain a blog on night shift, my bed is sooooo appealing.

I've had a busy week on re-entry.

I've caught ONE baby (very cute).

I've made ONE super bag (pics to follow)

I've seen ONE movie (Sex and the City - I liked it immensely)

I've been op-shopping (pics to follow)

I've got people coming for dinner in 4 minutes.

I haven't packed for journal, belly dancing and doll-making camp - and I leave at 6.30 tomorrow morning! YIKES!!

Later, friends!!!


Anonymous said...

Of course I am still here ! My bed is appealing too, and I don't work night shift.

M said...

Still here. Get some sleep. have fun!

widget said...

Yes, I'm still here. Enjoy your timea away. It sounds like it should be fun. I'm finally relaxing.....thanks for the B'day wishes.

Kelley said...

you do belly dancing too! Awesome! I lurve it!