Sunday, May 11, 2008

Game queen and random clouds.

You may not remember this post. But I have just reached a new highest score of 44! Previous best - 8!

I started on Twiddletails (link on right) and clicked and clicked 'next blog'. I saw a dozen or more languages - warning - I passed through a pretty strange and graphic Indian adult site (although all featured normal looking women I must add), and finally met my match after a Czech site (how do you spell that?).

Anyway...I remain the queen of my weird little game. Feel free to clear your throat and wonder what planet I am on. I won't hear you.

You may have noticed that this is the third in a series of short, random little posts. Sorry... feeling observed and hassled when spending time on the computer lately...its a bit inhibiting. I toss and turn at night and think of work, blogging, stresses and strains, being in pain from getting old, my to-do list, cutting roses for the Mums I will see on Mother's Day (but sadly not mine!) ...many random things. Plus its been a bit hot at night. Maybe its menopause. Sigh.
Would you like to see some beautiful clouds I snapped a few weeks ago? Here...
Gorgeous huh? I have no idea if it will go bigger if you hover on it, but you can try.

The meaningful midwifery-related posts will return when I have my next day off. Its been an interesting week. I'm learning (and remembering) heaps.
Happy Mother's Day to all, especially those who are less remembered and spoilt than others, but who deserve to be just the same. You know who you are.


alice said...

Laura, I am intrigued. I have to check out your game system!

Victoria said...

Those clouds are indeed gorgeous. I love that having a blog is a reminder to take photos of a good sky (well, it is for me at least).
Very nice to virtually meet you.
Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog, I love it when someone gets my "secret" meanings in my art!