Thursday, December 20, 2007

A new game

BTW does anyone else waste time / express their curiosity in blogland by

a) updating their blog and going back mega-quickly to the dashboard page and seeing if THEIR blog is one of the recently updated ones to flash across the top of the page? OR

b) when visiting favourite blogs on blogspot use the 'Next Blog' key at the top out of curiosity? Just keep clicking on the key. Its fascinating to see how many other blogstyles there are and in so many other languages...until you hit the porn sites or a site with the 'next blog' key disabled. Rats...

But its a fun game while it lasts. How many clicks this time? Anybody else play these games? NO? ...just me then (sigh) - although I could give the game a name and then I would be some consecutive-blog-link-game-queen! Me and my delusions of grandeur. You can share my game. I, the blog-link-queen, give you permission to try it out.

Just findin' ways to waste time in blogland (oh but its fascinating)

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