Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Days off.

Hmmm, I love to wake up at my own pace. Not to the alarm, not to my bladder, just when I am ready to awaken.

Why do I feel so refreshed after that simple act? I must have slept really well last night. I wore a long sleeved nightgown, and a pair of soft stretch-knit pants too, and I took a wheat bag to bed as well. It wasn't that cold, but I was feeling cold, so I rugged up for bed and slept like a log. I know I turned over a few times, I remember moving the wheatbag from under me, but I went straight back to sleep.

Aaaah, I do like to be warm and cosy in winter.


Thora said...

What beautiful kittens.
I have a a tabby and she is 2 years old now-rescued from a shelter.I am all for wheat bags.The weather is getting cooler here and snuggling is the way to go.

Thora said...

Hi again
I thought you may like to get your wheatbag at the computer and play a game of tag.We meet new friends ,find out new things about each other and pass the message on.
I am all new to this blogging so still learning.
I lokm forward to your future blogs.

Laura Jane said...

These are not my kittens, alas. I met them in Victoria when visiting my friend. They have appeared before about 6 posts back.

They were VERY cute though, I could easily have put them in my pocket and taken them home!

http://www.infomidwife.blogspot.com/ said...

nice relaxed pic
way to go!

Natalie said...

I agree whole heartedly: Let me sleep until my own thoughts stir me and I will be like a new woman. That is luxurious bliss, and unfortunately rare.
Those kitties are another variety of bliss. You may enjoy visiting this post: http://sabine-catsquilts.blogspot.com/2008/04/funny-cats.html

alice said...

Divine. I want to go back to bed, now.

Tilly said...

To sleep perchance to dream....I know just what you mean. There's nothing like waking up after a really good night of uninterrupted sleep. I have a vague memory of such a thing.

Victoria said...

That is a lovely relaxing kitten photo!!