Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Valentine's book meme

What does a 'meme' mean? And how is it pronounced?

Perhaps a slightly embarassing question to ask (but I'm trying to love it) as I have been tagged for a few memes lately, yet it seems only appropriate that I know how to say the word, even if I can already use it in a sentence.

Anyhoo, this one is a book meme. The instructions are.

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Turn to page 123.
3. Find the FIFTH sentence on the page.
4. Transcribe the next THREE sentences.
5. Tag another five people. Here goes...

The book is "Heart and Hands- a midwife's guide to pregnancy and birth" by Elizabeth Davis.

As you attend to the mother's perineum, remember to check the FHT. Early decels to 60BPM or severe bradycardia indicate that the baby should be born at once. Inform the mother that she must get the baby out quickly, and that you need her full attention and cooperation.

There ya go! That may verge on too much information! Be grateful you didn't get sentences 2-5!

I, who hasn't done this?...bear in mind that continuance is completely optional....Oh stuff it, anyone can do it if you feel like it! But I'm sure (when she gets a chance) Lesley would have something good on hand and maybe Sue, and perhaps Jenny Wren. Helen C may also want to play. I know that's only four. Too bad. No point tagging people who don't know I exist.

Don has left today for a trip to USA for 11 days :( It's quite tricky when he's away. I miss him heaps. As its Valentine's day today he put a notice in the paper for me. With hearts above it, saying he loved me now and always will. Aww...

We were engaged on Valentine's day in 1985. 23 years ago. A little more than half my lifetime ago...

Happy Valentine's day wherever you are.

much love to you all


alice said...

I am a new blogger. I don't even know what a 'meme' is, let alone how to say it, do it, or know what to do with it. You are no longer ignorant. I take the title, you become unsure. I hope you enjoy your raise in stature :)

(Thanks for a great read, I enjoyed my stop).

Natalie said...

I believe it is pronounced "Meam." It's a unit of cultural information, but I think it has sort of diluted and taken on a life of it's own in blogging. Someone once offered that it is pronounced "Me, me," because meme's often offer a lot about self. I like this meme by the way, and happy Valentine-Engagement day.

Laura Jane said...

Ahhh, thanks Natalie, I knew you'd have an answer for me. That would have been my pronunciation guess, but I didn't know the derivation.

And thankyou for the Valentine's wishes.