Thursday, February 7, 2008

This is so cool.

Its raining. Hallejulah!
Today, Perth has received about its February average rainfall (the average is only 10mm, don't get too excited). It rained quite a bit in the night, and has drizzled most of the day, our first rain since Dec 16 last year. It is lovely to see big fat raindrops dripping from the shadecloth.
Ah, it is so cool at last. I actually managed a sleep this avo without the fan (I have night shift again tonight for the next 3 nights) so I am hopeful it will last for a few days.
In the meantime my yard looks like this ... all dark and overcast instead of dazzling and burning sunshine. This is the view out of my back door, onto next door's shed. I must show you more of our garden sometime. Have a happy Friday (or Thursday if that's where you are).

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Jennifer said...

Gorgeous how everything changes with weather. Everything. Most people seem to have lost track of that connection, between themselves and the conditions outside.... We're still getting some snow here, although it's mixing with lots of rainfall as well which means spring will arrive eventually!