Monday, February 11, 2008

Oooh thanks!

Apparently I am funky!

All I can say, Frogdancer, is it takes one to know one! Thanks, blush. Frogdancer (I'm sure she has a real name) is a witty teacher and parent extraordinaire to 4 fine boys.
I have no idea what one does with these things, but in turn I nominate from my daily reading list:

Lesley for her sense of style and exploration of the new

Natalie for her daily wisdom

Suse for her sense of humour

Jennifer for her title and eye for detail

Lisa for her phenomenal knitting abilities

Ali J for her upcoming talent

So there!


Natalie said...

Funky Blog... I like the idea of this. Many thanks!

Jennifer said...

Goodness! How kind of you! I, too, blush, and appreciate the gift. xxoo

Lesley said...

Laura! I am deeply honoured that you reckon I have a sense of style and that I explore the new! Thanks mate!
Hey: Isn't it weird to be in the same time zone? And doesn't daylight saving suck?