Monday, November 26, 2007

Giving Thanks

A quick note to thank you all for the supportive comments and emails.

A tiny bit of valium (and reducing) helped with the panics! And T is improving, LP has heaps of stitches but is OK and I have had a gentle day yesterday with many hugs. I even managed to take my Mum and a niece out for lunch fairly successfully for Mum's birthday.

Today I am off to work in a few minutes (for a late, early, early) and I have posted the Ultimate Purple Bag to Melissa (photos soon). And the apricots are ripening on the tree and my sister from Melbourne will be here in 18 sleeps. I have more crafting to look forward to - I plan to make an inner child healing doll, as well as a bunch more bags and purses. I went to the Japanese vintage kimono/yukata shop on Friday (yum)

It could be worse.


Lesley (El Zed) said...

I rang but you weren't answering, so I'll try again. Or may be you should give me a buzz so I know I'm not ringing during work/sleep/hospital visits. Much love ... Les XX

MARYBETH said...

Dear Laura,

I am almost relieved to read another sould is having a whilwinf of a fall season( at least it is fall here in the U.S- im not sure of the season in your amazing country??
I am your journal swap partner and like you have had a crisis in the family and 3 weeks of travel that have ended in -no time in my art studio-so i do apologize for being so long in responding and ask your patience and of course offer you mine in extending the time on creating a book for you.
You were so kind to ask so many accomadating questions. I love surprises, so just go with whatever suits your creative fancy and no doubt i will be thrilled. I would estimate with christmas staring us in the face and yet another travel upcoming(this one a wonderful visit to spend Christmas with my family ,my daughter and precious 2 year old grandaughter Sadie. The newYear would be a realistic time for me to batton down my now scattered creative energies and create your journal.
I will think of you and your family in prayer sending much healing thoughts and energies your way.
I admire your courage to just write away and open your heart and mind here on your blog. I have the same kind but it has very much become a photo journal the past year in suit with my passion for photography.
I hope you read this soon and please feel free to e-mail me back and, or visit my blog