Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A few baubles for you

So.... its nearly Xmas. Had you noticed?
I'm getting in the mood now. The tree is decorated.
The pressies are chosen, wrapped and under the tree
The MRI is all clear. The dizzies are mostly gone. The medication is working.
I am wearing Xmas earrings and a tinsel halo to work most days. Its fun. Work has been lovely. Interesting and brave Mums. Sweet babies. I've even had two thankyou cards and chocolates this week! That never happens! One was from the family I met before my holidays. The other twin is doing well.
Why do funeral companies have cookie cutter services with patronising overstated sentiment? Am I a bitch for asking? I attended the funeral of our colleague who died. It was about as wretched as expected, there were so many people there. Naturally there was a very notable turnout from work, nearly all the ward were there, and half the rest of the hospital. Her Dad spoke, heartbreakingly, followed by her sister, stoic and loving. They were a markedly smaller group as a family of 3, compared to the family of 5 they had been only 13 months ago. There is no easy or un-trite way to say goodbye in these circumstances. It all just sucks.
Is there such a thing as turning up to heaven uninvited? I'm sure she would be welcomed anyway, she was a kind girl who earned her wings in many ways. Her death, and the circumstances of her death have been very confronting. Once again we are starkly reminded, depression is a serious illness. How desperately 'not-thinking-straight' must she have been to make that choice. Such a waste.
I haven't been so active around this blog of late, but it doesn't mean I'm not thinking of you. Swings and roundabouts. Most bloggers I read report slow patches, and I am fascinated to realise that I have been blogging, and blog-reading, for more than 2 years now.
In case I don't get to post again pre-Big Day may I wish you all a very happy Christmas season.
A toast: To old friends who have weathered the years, and to new friends who were strangers but yesterday. Merry Christmas.
I just know that 2010 will bring good things.


Frogdancer said...

Hey, Merry Christmas!!!

Hope you all have a really great one. Glad the dizzies are almost gone, too. Also, I think you should keep wearing the tiara throughout the year. It would make you look regal, which is what every family/woman in labor needs.

persiflage said...

Happy Christmas to you too. How wonderful to have such good results from the MRI, and that your dizziness is almost gone. Despite the rampant commercialism foisted upon us, we are at the stage where we want happiness and good things not just for ourselves and those close to us, but for all. This has to be a good thing.

Kelly said...

Happy Chrimbo to you and your family. Hope you make it through the silly season intact. Its been a pleasure to get to know you this last year. Thanks for such a thoughtful blog. Best wishes. K xx

Janet said...

Happy Christmas Laura, and good to hear that the MRI is all clear!

Stomper Girl said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours Laura Jane. Glad your MRI is all clear and the meds are working.

(I so agree about funeral parlour funerals, they are sort of lame and forced IMHO and the reason why I elected not to take the kids with us when Fixit's Pop died this year.)

InfoMidwife said...

Merry Christmas Laura...love your pictures... wishing you all the best for 2010 :)

Jennifer said...

It is a relief to hear that your tests were clear and that you're feeling better with the meds. Your post in many ways encapsulates the ups and downs of a year -- I think we can only strive to get through the difficulties and still derive pleasure from the shiny bits when we can grab on to them. Indeed, here's to a 2010 that's better all around, with more opportunities to extend and strengthen connections.

victoria said...

So glad you are well Laura.
Happy New Year!
Hope you had a great Christmas with you family.