Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October

Its the first day of October. How did that happen?

I have two announcements.

First - I missed my blogiversary on September 28th. Gasp! Very few of you would remember this, my first post, two years ago. But looking back at the posts from the end of 2007 they are not too appalling, probably better then the whiny dross I have dished up lately, but with less Wild Women.
This (above) is Marina, she lives with Kelly now. Below is Jaune, who lives with my sister Helen. In response to a question....Jaune is legless, as is Marina if one looks carefully. Thanks Kelly for looking carefully.

If I were better organised I would have a draw or something, with a prize. But as I haven't yet sent the de-stash prize won by Victoria in February- because I never actually DID the de-stash and therefore never identified the said goods- I feel bad, because you couldn't be said to be at the head of the queue. Yes that's right, it means I am still sitting in the same craft room mess (the very same) as I was in February. Was that TMI? Deal with it.

Anyway, I'm sure I could be persuaded to have fun with a creation of a random small gift for a commenter, and whatever it is I will send an identical-ish item to you, Victoria. One that won't clutter up your 'packing to move house' dilemma. Making small items is a pleasure, and is the only way I get to craft much these days.

So, it seems this IS now a giveaway situation (can you see this evolving before your eyes? Yeah, me too) with the leaving of a comment as the entry point.

In other news, as of today I am registered as a midwife in private practice.

I have no clients, have not advertised, and no particular plans, but have assembled some equipment so I can do antenatal and postnatal visits only at this stage, and I'll take it from there. It was out of a sense of solidarity with private midwives that the govt was threatening to outlaw homebirths and claiming it only affects about 200 midwives. Dammit! How dare they remove women's choices like that and ignore the wishes of women to choose homebirth with a known midwife, I thought, I'll make it 201 and stand with them........and besides, it never hurts to ruffle a few feathers. I know the Australian College of Midwives is working very hard behind the scenes to turn this situation around. I truly believe this battle will be won in the medium term. The evidence is just too strong. So . . . I filled in a form to notify the WA Health Department of my intention to practise as a midwife in private practice as of this date. and. sent. it. off. Many others have done similarly with less experience. I have people to guide me. I have trust in my knowledge and women's bodies. Antenatal and postnatal I can do. Its a start.



Janet said...

Go you! Registering as a private midwive sounds like a very fine thing to do at this point, who knows maybe there will be others thinking the same thing. Eventhough I'm a hospital type birther myself, I can see why women would choose otherwise and why they should be able too. Indeed I think Australia should be more like Holland, the UK and NZ and subsidise home births when a mother chooses through medicare - and gee maybe it might even help with the overcrowding in the hospitals - OK end rant now. It's been a big day.

Have you only been blogging for a year Laura Janne? It seems longer .... in a totally good way .... Happy blogiversary!

Kelly said...

does Juane have no legs? quite rad!

whoop whoop- homebirths here ya come! onya. hope you'e rested and well.

Frogdancer said...

Happy blogiversary!

Kelly said...

hehe- you know i kinda assumed all that lovely swirly skirt was a representation over legs....the very finite torso of Juane overwhelmed me momentarily!

Lesley said...

Oooh - two years - well done! I love your blog, even though I see you nearly every week these days! But it was particularly wonderful when I was away.
I missed my 400th post, which must have happened in the past week or so. Not organised enough!
HEY! The WV is perpl.
SO you!

Stomper Girl said...

Happy blog-versary. And goodonya for your show of solidarity, I stand and applaud you.

Hope Mr Question has recovered from his illness too.

Jennifer said...

So proud of you and both of the work you do and the stand you've taken. That's what changes the world -- passionate people willing to stand up for what's right.

Debby said...

I'm interested to see how long it takes for Australia to set this issue to rest. I am pleased to see that it is something that is being protested.

Judy said...


Good for you, women have every right to birth at home and anything which robs women of choice should be resisted. Love your Wild Women too.

victoria said...

Sounds good to me:)
Happy Blogiversary!!
Congrats on registering as Private Practice - very cool.

Fairlie said...

Happy bloggiversary to you! And well done on registering as a private midwife.

Anonymous said...

I have loved watching your wild women evolve, and they have - really wonderfully. I am pretty impressed and pproud of you, too. Go you!