Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hello? Anyone still there? (sounds of crickets chirping)

I have had some more plane related mishaps and hiccups. As a consequence I have had only one day at home in the last 9 days...yeah, yeah, excuses excuses, and a to-do list a mile long. .. in the next 2 days before I work for 5 further days. I really do have a lot to tell you. But typing time. . .. . is short. I met Kelly and her family and had a delicious dinner (see her account of it here). I attended 4 full days of information about national registration, MidPLUS, Midwifery Practice Review, MBS and PBS, and other practical midwifery stuff. I talked, I schmoozed, I ATE, I shopped, I danced, I laughed and cried. It was really super. Photos WILL follow, I promise.

Check out this you-tube clip for an upcoming looks really interesting. I saw it on Public Health Doula, a little blog I have just started subscribing to. Its about how the media shapes one's view of birth, but this film shows the real deal. The real site it's from is here. It seems you can order a DVD.

See if you can guess my favourite birth moment in the clip. I'd love to hear which snippet strikes you. (ooh, you commenters are good! You have picked two of my three faves, go for gold now and complete the trifecta)

And....Tomorrow is a special day. That's all I'm saying.


Kerrie said...

Sounds like you haven't had a moment to catch your breath Laura.

I envy your dinner with Kel & her looked utterly divine on her blog. How lucky you were to meet her and her lovely family & spend time with them.

I'm guessing that the waterbirth was your favourite moment in the clip...amazing the way that little one "swam" out & up, so instinctive & powerful. I'd love to see the film. I also loved the birth at 1.24, joyous...!!!

Hope tomorrow is a happy day...that's all I'm saying too...!!!

Madre Adoptiva said...

That looks really interesting!

I love the clip from "Apocalypto" where the baby is born into the water... so beautiful. I also really liked the woman on the hospital table who wraps her baby in her arms with such utter joy you laugh with her. :)

Kelly said...

yup. those two were stand out moments, that woman on the table with her new babe looks just so incredibly wonderfully greedy to see her new babe and soo estatic! thanks for the link