Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lesley says hi

Just a quick post to pass on a message from Lesley of Chapter III .

She says to say a big hello to all, and to say that she has moved into a FABULOUS rental house this week, and the internet will be connected on April 3rd. She is well, and has had a trying week or so and can't wait to get back to her computer and bloglife.

I spent the day with her today and she is enjoying settling in and unpacking (a bit) in the house - it really is a great house. The main stuff will hopefully arrive by mid-April. She has lots to tell you all, but I'll let her do that.

I'm as busy as a bee, but was thrilled to have demolished heaps of my to-do list by 8.45am!!!

I was gobsmacked. It helps when you are phoning (twice) the east coast which is 2 hours ahead. But it left me free to get to Les earlier than I'd hoped.

She is living behind where my paternal grandmother used to live. Grandma died when I was 15. Yet today I was near her house, and when Les and I were out driving I saw a very early model Ford Escort, same colour, similar rego to the one she drove at the end of her life. I think she was with me today...somehow.

Off to a meeting now...more minutes.... :(

See ya


M said...

Great to hear Lesley's news, I look forward to hearing more about her news when she is back on blog.

Fairlie said...

I agree with M! I've wondered how she's been getting on. Thanks for passing on an update.