Wednesday, February 11, 2009

R is for...

An easy meme (I think it will be easy, I could be wrong).

You list 10 things you love that all begin with a given letter, and post the list on your blog. Anyone interested can leave a comment, you assign them a new letter, and on it rolls.

I got my letter from Lesley of Chapter III. My letter is 'R'.

My answers - in no particular order.
1. Roses
2. Rubies - both the colour and the jewels
3. Reunions - this is NOT my family depicted below. I'm sooo looking forward to seeing Lesley again.
4. Rabbits
5. Reading
6. Rummaging
7. Risotto
8. Romance
9. Rome
10. Rottnest Island. Look it up.

Just for fun, I made a Flickr mosaic out of them.

1. Red Roses, 2. Ruby Red, 3. Henderson Reunion 2004, 4. andouille sausage and chicken risotto, 5. Rubies.., 6. Johnny the Rabbit, 7. found at the rummage sale on friday, 8. summer reading, 9. ..{ R is For ‘‘ Romance ’’ ..♥.., 10. the romance of candlelight, 11. In LOVE with Rome, 12. Australia - Perth - Rottnest Island

R is also for reduce, reuse, recycle, rejuvenate, recharge, relax, real and recovery. I like those words too.

Be good.


widget said...

love it. count me in

Scott said...

Rrrremarkable! Can I have one too? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great list. I'll take a letter too if you're giving them away.

Natalie said...

VeRy nice. You made a wondeRful list.
JennifeR sent me U.