Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lookin' through old stuff

I am here. Not hiding, just thinking.

Starting some things and not finishing them. So many competing demands.

Completing some long-unfinished tasks.

Finished the advanced fetal assessment course and passed. Yay!

Struggling a bit with fragile hope. About many things.

Listening, loving, waiting. Feeling.

Uncovering old stuff. Wishing I hadn't. Damned core beliefs (again).

Reframing painful things. Forgiving myself. Naming guilty parties.

Headaches. Just tension. Tears near the surface.

Doing for others. Should I be?

Learning to do for me. First, for a change.

Letting others help me. Its been a long time.

Hearing old voices and emotions. Do they belong here, now? Fighting and reframing their influence.

Feeling judged. Need I anymore?

What can I let go of? Do I need all this clutter? This baggage. Literally. Its weighing me down.

Freedom in the moonlight. A new way forward?

Much to think about...


Victoria said...

I'm glad you're feeling better after all this !! February is alway a crap month I reckon.
In answer to your question - there is nothing about the worth of the teddy, therefore it must be priceless.

Kel said...

such a lovely post. you do have a very lovely way...