Sunday, November 16, 2008

Moving on

Suddenly I have only one more week on LBS!
(the photos are from a funny email sent to me this week entitled "When your Dad is a graphic designer...what do you expect?)

I have so much on my to-do list!

  • Catch more babies myself. (myself, do you hear?) It has been very noble of me to find and foster 25 catches for a very nice resident doctor in the last 2 months. She got her 25th last night - 3 in one night. Good thing she runs fast. She owes me chocolate. And LOTS of it.

  • Stitch more perineums (current total = 0)

  • Sort out whether I can be a mentor to someone who has asked for me (I am pretty junior, and I'm moving on, and around. Alot. But am flattered to be asked. And it may just work despite all that. Stay tuned)

  • Finish my K2 CTG training (item one may interfere with this notion, decisions, decisions)

  • Finishing said K2 training may make me more defensive in my practice. I hope not. Its all about perspective, people. Small percentages. (Do I sound like I had a frustrating shift last night? How could you tell? What were the signs?)

  • Swap a shift so I can attend a meeting on Thursday night, seeing as I am the secretary and all, and I was an apology last time. And I am rostered to work a late shift on that day. And if item one happens, there is fat chance of me getting away for an extended meal break to attend.

  • Did I tell you I have seen TWO true knots in the cord in two shifts running? Wow? One born vaginally, no worries, one who went for CS not even in established labour. Rats. I've been seconding a lot, so I've seen lots of births, but I'm missing the hands on (poised, actually) (thanks to Google images for this pic)
  • Enjoy my last week (for now) with a great team, who have made me very welcome. I have spent 7 1/2 months with them in the last year- the longest I have ever worked in one place.
And at home:

  • Make a Xmas list, start shopping/making/planning. 5 weeks you say? Eeek!

  • Figure out the family meal arrangements for Xmas - given that I have just agreed to work night shift on the 23rd and 24th into Xmas morning. And will therefore be asleep until lunchtime. Oops.
  • See my Mum, who is back from gallivanting (in an unrelaxed fashion) around Europe.

  • Make some more stuff, to clear my decks a little, and just for fun.

  • Find a nice plastic Xmas tree - why are they all scratchy, dull and spiky? WTF? Our previous tree - which I bought in 1983- had semi-glossy authentic looking cypress branches. I paid $21 for it. It was terrific. Last year I was determined to replace it (getting a bit shabby), and spent $85 on a truly horrible tree (dull, scratchy, too dense). Which we all hated so much I didn't bat an eyelid when hubby tossed it this year. Even a silver tinsel tree would be better than some of the ones I have seen recently.
Considering my lack of interest in Xmas last year, I may just enjoy the lead-up this year. This is not set in stone. I reserve the right to regress into anxiety attacks. Or boredom.
Please - don't write too much of interest on your blogs, dear friends. I spend way too much time attached to this Bloglines. The above lists will take time to achieve. Take pity on me.

Now how do you spell s-e-l-f d-i-s-c-i-p-l-i-n-e?


Frogdancer said...

Those pictures are hilarious!

ThirdCat said...

"stitch more perineums" and there you have it...the difference between nurses and the rest of the world in just three words!

and, somewhat alarmingly, word verification says 'repurgin'

Victoria said...

Hmm, the tree thing is quite a dilemma. Ours is from Big W and not attractive if you get too close!!

Fairlie said...

Wow. That is quite a 'to do' list.

Natalie said...

What did you say? Just kidding, but your list was starting to scare me (as I considered my own list) and those lol pictures of baby... I couldn't stay focused... self disipline... selph diciplin... nope, I cannot spell it or do it!