Sunday, August 10, 2008

Wild Woman - correction Women

Hot off the needle. I can see a few of these being made while watching Olympics coverage! And now I have made the second one too!

This is Polly. She has a brooch back and is about 4 and a half inches high.
I needle felted the base from hand-dyed merino wool and pink chiffon. The hair/ruff/mane is from a trim I'm fond of and it made a great textured base for the embellishments.
The skirt is individual lace motifs stitched together, coloured and embellished. She took about 4 hours to make.
Ah, I do like a hand stitching project. Even if it does involve a few seed beads being spilled. (At this point I shall apologise for Blogger being most uncivilized about formatting and ignoring my paragraph marks. Just pretend I have been educated and formatted this correctly. OK?)

She was most satisfying to make. And I just know she'll need some sisters. I can barely sleep for all the images of them in my head. Shame I ever have to go to work really. I kinda miss being a full time crafter, but just as well that I LOVE being a midwife too eh?
Well, who have we here? A sister already? Why yes, her name is simply Woman. She was my first one nearly finished, then Polly butted in. Woman is patient. She didn't mind that her woolly minded sister jumped the queue.
Isn't her face beautiful? These faces (along with the arms & legs) are bought pieces, from Artgirlz. I coloured them with some groovy special marker pens. Variegated threads work wonders with these kinds of stitcheries. As you can see, they sometimes make just the hair you need. Just what I needed. Woman is about 4 inches tall, including dangles.
In other news ... Steph has got a laptop computer, wirelessly connected, so by default - I have this computer all to myself, and coincidentally that also means that no-one else need come in this room for computing (or any other purposes really) but me. Yes- just me. So I rule this room! My cunning plan to clutter it up so badly that no-one else could find a thing has worked! Total world domination is only a heartbeat away!!!!!!! I may get delusions of grandeur and start calling it a studio soon. I have plans y'know :)
This time a year ago we were coming to the end of our week in London. The weather was divine, the art was superb, the city was like a childhood story and a Monopoly board come to life. We went to the Proms (terrible program), we ate like royalty at my aunts' house, we tubed and walked, and M&S'd and Westminster Abbeyed in pure delight. I'm so pleased I've been there and can't wait to go again. I can scarcely believe I have been to (and enjoyed) so many of the world's greatest cities. I am a very lucky girl.

Our next stop (Aug 12) was Edinburgh and a few days in Scotland which was also absolutely wonderful (even if drizzly in an entirely appropriate Scottish way). I'll catch you up on those when next I post.



Victoria said...

Polly is SPECTACULAR!! I love the whole combining of all the little elements and her expression and jauntiness. Also, looks like a lot of fun to make.

Karen said...

I love her stripy purple stockings!

Natalie said...

So tiny, so intricate, so whimsical!
I can see you are enjoying yourself... it's reflected in Polly and Woman's bold, expressive beauty!

Anonymous said...

Oh gorgeous. I love her. You are very, very clever!

Sarah Lawrence said...

Dear Laura Jane, Lovely Wild Women, although these are quite elegant - and not too wild! Anybody interested in my book, or charms to make their own, see us at I'm building up to start my own blog as soon as we are back from The Festival of Quilts ... Sarah Lawrence

Laura Jane said...

Thanks Sarah!

I have been sending my readers to your website via a link with each mention of the Women - I think you'll have lots of takers!

For other readers - Sarah is the creator of the original Wild Women brooches, and it was her workshop I attended!

Its contagious!

Thanks to all for your comments, I'm quite obsessed with making them. It sounds like Sarah has challenged me to make a REALLY wild one! Lets see what i can do!