Monday, August 4, 2008

Nightshift Haze

Hey all

I am alive, and on night shift, 2 down and 2 to go. I am not actually up right now, I'm just on the 'need a pee-go for a walk past the computer-if I don't talk to anyone I'll go back to sleep ASAP' break that night shifters do. Kinda the equivalent of sleep walking. Ooh, my son just arrived home and is in danger of talking to me too much....hug me and nick off boy!

I've been cruisin a bit, and still in lazy days mode (see last post).

I've been making bags. Yummy.

I've been to a craft and quilting show. Double yummy! Check out the Wild Woman brooches at this place. Uh-oh, a new obsession may lurk to go with healing dolls. I'm part way through a set of three already. I felted the base of part-felted merino wool and thread embellishment. Its very satisfying to do. And I love the name Wild Woman - so tempting.

Work has been really good. Caught a few, seen a few, interesting tales to tell for another day. Thinking a lot about hypothermia and circulating volumes etc - its been a physiology lesson for the last few days, plus the effects of hypothermia on the newborn - I've been hitting the books to revise my stuff.

In the meantime this time a year ago we were in New York. Sigh. It was a great few days in a fabulous city. I have not given you specific links for our time in the Grand Canyon, New Orleans, Little Rock Arkansas to see the presidential library of Bill Clinton, and unexpected night in Dallas Forth Worth and a compressed trip to Madison Wisconsion. But if you take the link (and look in archives under July and August 2007) you can see the little amount we wrote from these places, or the photo albums from there. It was really hard to find public internet in the USA. We won't make that mistake again.

Dear Lesley is back in WA for a few days following the death of a dear friend. So tragic. I will see her later in the week. I look forward to her moving home so I can see her without the thought that someone is seriously ill or worse when I see her.
Yawn, I will be back I promise......Oh bugger, there is cool reggae playing (softly) and I'm hungry. And I've got a friend coming for dinner for her birthday - it will have to be an IOU present - a future pleasure present. I just hope I can grab a banana and get back to sleep.

See ya


Natalie said...

Wow... you cover a lot of ground blogging in your sleep. Best of luck staying balanced through the next 2 night shifts.
I thought things were awfully quiet at Chapter 3... this is sad news. I guess there is more travel ahead for her... you get to see her soon?
I hope you got back to sleep. (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

I wish I were 'home' to catch up with both of you. Could you please wish Lesley well for me, she was very kind to me a few months back, too.

Lisa W. said...

oh i am so with you on the middle of the night interrupted sleep got the hungries cruisin blogland thing. i've been known to go through almost a half gallon of ice cream...cruisin blogland in my sleep.
love your doll descriptions. very interesting and therapeutic. if i were still doing treatment groups, i'd definately incorporate that as a method of expression.
get some rest and we'll catch up with a nice email chat soon.