Monday, July 21, 2008

Looking back.

One year ago today my husband and I were flying across the Pacific ocean. It is one year ago today since the final installment of Harry Potter was released - I know because I got the first copy of it from Sydney Airport. Don was standing tapping his foot as our Sydney-LA flight started boarding as the sales embargo lifted! It was all well planned - and there was NO WAY I was flying across the Pacific without it!
I feel nostalgic for our I will post links to our travel blog from the next 7 weeks. You may click or not. Get jealous or not. But it was the first holiday my husband and I had taken together since 1983, before children. The trip was also a reward for completing my studies, commenced in 2002 to become an RN and then a midwife. I was so excited, I was jealous of myself! I would giggle at the thought of it.

And the reality of being elsewhere with Don, in other countries, with no-one else to please or consider but ourselves was intoxicating.It was such a great trip. The DVD of stuff from the video camera arrived just last week (long story, very dull), so we have been watching it and seeing some bits we'd nearly forgotten already.

The original posts from circa this date are here and here on our World Tour blog. See if you can click somewhere to go to a central page and find the photo albums for the places too, there's some lovely stuff. Natalie may recognise La Jolle from the San Diego stuff...sigh.



Anonymous said...

I will be one of the ones pea green. Have a great time!

h&b said...

Hello Laura !

Here from Life in General - couldn't resist taking a peek at a midwife's blog ;)