Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blushing now

Ooh, thanks Lesley and Alby.

You have each sent me this honour currently doing the rounds. Forgive me if I don't send it back directly (although you both deserve it).

The only catch is that I have to pass it on to SEVEN others (by making a comment and telling them I've done it, and to come and get the pic from my blog, then pass it on, citing me as their source).

I have 63 feeds on my bloglines (!) and some of them have already received it - but I suppose that doesn't matter really as, if I think they're brillante (brilliant?), then they just are.

Lets start in Oz then. I've been having fun and making plans with Frogdancer and Widget this week - teacher tag x 2.

I received a package from the generous Victoria this week. She was kindly giving away prints of her insightful and quirky collage art. My loyalty can't be bought, but I'm really thrilled to receive these pieces from her. Tagged!

Next - the wicked and awesome Kelley, who tells it like it is. I laugh and I cry reading her blog. She won't be surprised...it is all due to her awesomeness.

Hmm, three to go. Jess has already received it, but tough. I'm a fan.

As a nod in the direction of midwifery I will nominate my friend in Alaska - Lisa. She is a terrific midwife and knitter - I'm so jealous of her knitting ability, and I dream of being such an accomplished health professional as she is. Brilliant (and tagged).

Finally, I also really enjoy the gentleness of Jenny's blog. Her sweet little dolls are just amazing. And I am nostalgic for her stay at home life - I didn't fully appreciate it when I had it. And although my house could never be that tidy, I hope it is as much a home as hers clearly is.

Speaking of tidy houses, sigh. Mine is definitely not tidy currently, much to my husband's annoyance. I had some fun late last week preparing a package for a friend who just needed one. I had a great time, and rediscovered stuff I hadn't seen in ages. But in terms of denting the stash...it didn't go close!

I have been having a clothes blitz lately, and threw out quite ruthlessly. I can now fit (nearly) all of my clothes in the drawers and cupboards. I should take a leaf out of Widget's book and get organised. Unfortunately op-shops have been calling quite loudly lately -and boy have we scored! I have found some really sweet pieces of moulded glass, sugar bowls and the like that I have been happy to adopt. Some great shirts for craft fabric, some vintage dresses with beautiful English lawn. And Stephanie found some great pieces of clothing including 2 jackets, a sassy skirt and a sweet top.

I am trying to get better at throwing out something everytime something begs to come home with me. And I will get better at it, or be smothered in the attempt.

I have a social week coming up. It is a year this week since our class finished the midwifery course. I have been a midwife for a year!!! Yay!! A bunch of us are going out for dinner on Thursday night to catch up. Some have had babies, some have new jobs, some are working as midwives, some not. It will be great to see them, especially the ones I haven't seen for a while.

Happy 1st Anniversary Curtin Midwives 2006-2007!

Hubby and I are going to an art show on Friday night, and then away for a grown-up night on Saturday night. Can't wait!

See ya!


Frogdancer said...

Woo hoo! I love awards!!!
Just wanted to let you know, I took the ...stashlet???... to work to show Widget. I hadn't seen the fabric in plain daylight, and when I took it out of the paper bag, so many people commented on how lovely the colours were and how beautiful the quilt is going to be. Laura, the colours just sang together. The photos will look too yellowy on the blog, but unfortunately the camera picked up on that.
Thanks again. This is going to be so much fun.
(And Widget's coming. We'll have fun in September. Though most people in my staffroom think that you'll murder me and claim my identity. I just said that if ever I start to talk nostalgically about catching babies then THAT'S the time to panic, not before! )

Anonymous said...

Laura, congrats on your 1 year anniversary. What a great career choice.

widget said...

I love the idea of an award - what do I do? What do I do? I am so excited. I am so unprepared - what do I say in my acceptance speech?

Jenny said...

Thanks so much for the award.

Victoria said...

Thanks for the tag!!
I'm glad your liked your art, I like to think of it all the way over the other side of the country..