Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend of weddings *Now with photos*

Well the weekend is over and it was LOVELY.

There were two beautiful brides. There was lots of love. There was lots of driving. There was not much sleep. There were termites (I kid you not). There was a cute daughter all dressed up. There was a girdle involved (sadly not as effective as I had hoped. Sigh. Blame the raw material. And don't get me started on the flabby arms! I felt like a whale, except whales don't have arms????) There were two stunning bridal dresses. There were two handsome grooms. There were kilts and bagpipes! There were many old and new friends. There was great food and drink. There were two stunning waterside settings. There were blessings for babies in the future, and for wedding rings. There was earth, air, fire and water. There were gorgeous bridesmaids. There was dancing! There were loving families, there were strained families, there were mix-and-match families. There was a flowergirl with a broken arm (I broke it at the hen's party, when I fell on her in a game, :( uh-oh). There were hugs and kisses and reminisces. There were cold shoulders and warm ones. There were babies, and babies-to-be, predictions for love, and wishing rocks in the ocean. Messages in the sand and earthy comments. Earthy deeds! Memories, regrets, gladness and pain. Seating arrangments, wedding cakes, tissues and tears. Too many photos and not enough. Absent friends and lost moments. Letting go and new beginnings. And now it is over. I have this morning to finish packing for Japan, wrapping presents, tidying the house, making lists and toys. Do I have time to make another bag as a gift? I made one on Friday. I could squeeze in a simpler one...Aaarrgh! And I start two nights of night shift tonight, so I need to sleep this avo too....I should get off the computer and stop procrastinating. I will edit this post and add photos later. (Done - OMG it took hours. This bloody new camera takes pics that are too ..time. .to ...manual)

Thinking of you...I'll miss you while I'm gone in Japan.


widget said...

sounds beautiful. Cant wait to see a few photos and love to hear about Japan. enjoy - when you get there.

alice said...

Hope you have the most amazing time. Looking forward t reading about it.

Oh - I hope you're up for playing along, as I am officially tagging you:

Post THE RULES on your blog ( this be them! )
Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog
Tag 7 people and link to them
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If this doesn't appeal to you, then no harm done!

Kelley said...

Two weddings! What a lovely way to spend the weekend :)

Natalie said...

Even more fun with all the pictures inserted!