Monday, March 3, 2008

Laughing baby

Check out this cute baby. I am an absolute sucker for cackling children. They crack me up. I will ALWAYS vote for a laughing baby on "Funniest Home Video" type things (at least I would if I ever parted with my hard-earned dough to vote in those TV shows - which I never do). I found the link at Widget's site. Thanks Widget.

Went back onto the postnatal ward today. Busy as...well, I was. Re-entry sluggishness I suppose. Nice shift though. 4 women, only one baby, including the woman and baby I looked after in labour on LBS the day before. It was really nice to see their little one. An older couple (43 and 59!!!!), their first child.

Wonder how long it will take before the little tackers I saw today will be laughing their faces off like this little fellow?


alice said...

I know a lady, who at 45 is having her first.
Another, her second at 44 and another, her third at 47.

I just-could-not-do-it.

Laura Jane said...

Hear hear!

My best friend had her first at 20 and her 5th a month before her 40th.

Not for me thankyou! (although good luck to em)

widget said...

From the other side I think it is hard when you have a mum who had you late (my mum 44) but I am lucky to have lots of older siblings.

Mum thought she was going through menopause until I kicked her! She immediately gave up the cigarettes and the social drinking once she realised that she was pregnant. It was a shock to her system and she was very sick afterwards. All through my life my friends had young mums who I thought were 'cool' but eventually you get over that. It is now that mum is in her 80s and I havent hit 40 that I find it a little tough.....but oh well, I'm just pleased to be here and healthy (chances of various 'abnormalities' etc).