Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Ultimate Purple Bag

In the beginning there was a woman (me) who loved the colour purple. She wore a lot of purple, and fancied a handbag that featured the shades of purple she liked. She searched the bagstores high and low, markets here and there, to no avail. She remained unrequited.

One day the thought occured to her that she had a rather enormous stash of fabric. So she should MAKE a bag for herself (shock horror). She sketched a design to feature a range of gorgeous textiles including some luscious suede-y /velvetish fabric in two shades of purple some burgundy velveteen and taffeta lining and small feature trims of stuff from her sister bags (OMG I hope that works I've never tried to hyperlink before) and to include some comfy handles, and roomy enough to hold stuff but not STUFF, and maybe a button-up pocket at the back to hold documents and other things like thumbdrives etc.
She was heading overseas for a Big Trip real soon, and as her wardrobe was geared around purple or black it would be good to have it done to take OS with her.

So she pulled her finger out and made it. And it was good. She packed it to take away and it was in regular rotation for her long round the world trip with her dear husband and it even made it into photos in various places including Paris (featured here on shoulder while eating French Fries at the Eiffel Tower)and San Diego - where it was spotted in a restaurant by a woman named Melissa who admired its Ulimate Purpleness and commisioned one for herself!
The one pictured in the making is, in fact, Melissa's near copy of the original prototype, and by the time she gets it will be nearly as well travelled- having been posted all the way to her from Perth in Western Australia to Colorado, USA.
Photos were taken, records were made, blogs were created - and now she is looking for more of the gorgeous purple suede-y stuff, cos it makes great bags, but keeps op-shopping in case she finds another purple remnant (I found some luscious purple corduroy that will be useful for another purple bag).
And one day- when she has the time- she will make more lovely Ultimate Purple bags and sell them on her (currently empty) Etsy shop. But until then her head teems with images of yummy purple (and other colour) bags yet unmade.
And she lived happily ever after.

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