Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My life in dot points

Its all I can manage... But here are some questions Life has thrown at me lately.

  • Is it wrong to expect 24 year olds to silence their girlfriends during sex? Its been going on for 4 months now. When I was a girl I would have been mortified to think anyone would hear my activities....let alone be able to determine exactly how many orgasms constitutes a multiple event. Don't want to repress anyone's sensual life. Teensy bit of pride in son's ... um ... talents. Don't want to engender shame. It wouldn't be my shame anyhow. Just DON'T. Want. To. Hear. It. Any. More. Someone I was lamenting the situation to told me, "Laura, some women will come in a stiff breeze". Yes. So I hear. (sigh). Terse SMS war already on the issue. Repeated approaches to son to keep it down. Will I still be seeing this young woman at family meals with my grandchildren in 40 years time? Son's final university exam tomorrow. Am I a Bad, Disloyal, Enabling Mother? Or am I just being 'dissed'? Discuss.

  • Just how much stuff does one really need? Is it in inverse proportion to the amount of floorspace available for the purposes of walking around? (phew, moved out 4 crates of Stuff today, it helps already).

  • How long does one wait for midwifery models of care to shift? How does one bite one's tongue at the backroom discussions undermining women's desire for non-interventionist birth? Will I be happier in the long run just going independent and taking the blood pressure pills, being my own boss, and paying through the nose for PI insurance. Should I just move to New Zealand? How long is a piece of string? You get the idea. I'm doing a major review next week to take a snapshot of my career/practice so far. Why does one always feel ready to be shot down in flames. Am I trying to run before I can walk?

  • How will we face another major surgery for our daughter? This will be a biggie with the potential to really improve her life, but it won't be easy. It has come as a surprise, sort of. She's had similar surgery twice before, but doesn't remember it. I do. Gulp.

  • How good is it to have friends who love and support you? And listen to your whining. And write loving things about you. And share bookclub with you. And paint with you. And go to Vegas with you. I truly am blessed.

  • On a lighter note.....How good is this? Now these girls really know how to shop. And I thought I had good op-shops near me.

  • Will we all be fit and well enough for our trip? All four of us are limping or crippled in some aspect. This is lame (literally). We are all ready to feel well again. I am certainly sick of keeping the doctors in business, nice people though they are. I will keep taking (all) the tablets. Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean.

  • How will I pack? For 4 people, heading in 3 different directions at the end, for Sydney, Melbourne and Central Australia.

Bearing in mind that one must be alive to complain, and that we live in a well resourced country, with no war, and plentifully stocked supermarkets, and that our children have survived childhood, and that we have careers and sufficient income to service our whining whitebread world, and that I may just delete this whole post because I am so sick of the sound of my whining......answers on a postcard please.


Natalie said...

Do not delete.
This is laughter, tears, moans and screams... and that's just from the first question (haha)
Life is throwing some stuff your direction, that is certain. I suppose it would be nice to have answers to all the questions. I think it comes down to the friend question... and their love and support, because when the answers are not apparent we need as much love and support that we can gather.

You are a loving and supportive friend to me, and when I have whined, your kind words and encouragement have been a helpful reply. So say it out loud, ask your questions, shake your fist, and say grace... I may not have answers, but I love you and the questions.

I think when we are honest... which is not the same as *plain old whining*... when we are honest, we demonstrate our humanity, our frailty, and we make it safe for others to be open and honest too. We can support one another, and be stronger for it.

Stomper Girl said...

That sounds like a lot on your plate, so I think it's good to write it down.

Have you thought about making your own 'noises' every time they start? Bet that would kill your sons techniques dead.

Lesley said...

Yeah - what Stomper Girl said.
Or throw a bucket of water - even a small one - over them.

Laura Jane said...

ooh, a bucket of water, hadn't thought of that!

Kelly said...

way too knackered to comment intelligently but Im with you sister and just need to you are only packing for 1 surely? the rest are adults no? xxx
ps. had a larf too. go the stomper girl option.

Fairlie said...

Ah, yes. I see. :)

Offer her a marshmallow perhaps?