Tuesday, November 3, 2009


HI!! Can you see me waving? I am.

Hello November! Where did you come from? I blinked and you arrived, while I was working and organising and conferencing and feeling crappy and stressed and finishing night shift. And getting bad feelings about anonymous comments. Sigh.

Sometimes a blog just feels like another thing to feel guilty about. So I put the blog in the too hard basket. Just for a couple of weeks.

To make myself feel better I am crafting (or half-assed-crafting). I am cutting out. I have sewn some stuff. Half-finished things. Frogdancer and Victoria your pressies are nearly ready to go. I have a pretty fab red giant tote half assembled.

Blogs are being read. Otherwise they would Pile Up and add to my load of Stuff Un-done.

I have folded an enormous pile of clean washing. Six baskets full.

I have cleaned off my desk. Gasp. Its true, Lesley has seen it!

I have Made Plans. Midwifery plans. Hah! I am both inspired and a bit terrified by this. Therefore it must be good.

I am working (what seems like) a lot. Probably seems like it because I have so much to do on the days 'off'. Like conferences. Like organising a two week statewide tour for a lovely and important guest, although I am getting lots more help with that now, phew.

I have favourite people coming to WA (ooh, they've just landed), and a favourite niece having a party tonight for her birthday and I am working :( but I will have the next two weekends off and see them all then.

On the upside- a friend has started an unexpected new romance that is thrilling and wonderful and that she thoroughly deserves. And my daughter has found a JOB! It is 95% fabulous, with small forecasts of glass-half-empty, depending on your point of view. We're pretty delighted, but it also involves the doing of Stuff. Which I add to my Do In My Spare Time list. You know the one.

I am feeling about 50% better in the swoon department, although I have to go back on a medication I hoped to not take. It seems this is a new manifestation of migraine. Cos two sorts are barely enough. Bummer. On the upside it means I am sleeping better / heavily. Take THAT night shift diurnal rythm messer uperer.

I'll stop whining now. I'm sick of myself.

Back with REAL blogging soon, I promise. But that was a small catchup of why I've been offline.

You'll never get those minutes of your life back, so no asking for a refund, alright?


Lesley said...

Dear Laura,
I've finished working my week at the POST.
When can you come out and play?


Lesley said...

PS: Come to the Subi Farmers;' market and be seen by the sexy Emanuel Baudelaire (www.emanuelbaudelaire.blogspot.com)!!

Kelly said...

ahh, i see. Life is GOING OFF! Good news on many fronts and hope you've got a lovely break over Xmas to look forward to somewhere.

Janet said...

Boo to anonymous comments! If someone can't say who they are, then I don't think they're in much of a position to point the finger. And anyway, like others have said, you are pretty careful and considered in what you say. Life and work is something we're allowed to write about.

And boo to being too busy too! Sometimes life just seems to get in the way doesn't it?

Debby said...

You get more than two sorts of migraines?!!!! Oh, my poor woman!

I'm trying to think of something helpful to say, but can't. That's perfectly awful.

Kelley said...

Well you have been busy missy!

Take it easy and get back to yourself soon.

persiflage said...

It all sounds so very busy, and I look forward to your posts. They are always so interesting. Bummer about nasty migraines, though.

persiflage said...

I hope those migraines go away soon. You sound so very busy, and manage to do so many things. I always enjoy your posts!

Stomper Girl said...

*waves back* congratulations to your daughter!

Jennifer said...

Please do take care of yourself, and put off whatever feels too overbearing (I think I have about 6 baskets worth of laundry waiting folding, too, but I figure that as long as it's clean it can sit there and wait). I'm convinced it's the nature of blogging that it's meant to be cyclical.

And November? Nobody but nobody seems to have been aware that it was about to pounce on us all....