Thursday, October 23, 2008

Temporary absence

Can't blog.

Am still reading blogs x 103. (updated 105, hello William Horner)

Lots of work.

Child 'round neck constantly.

Re-reading Harry Potter 7 (still sooking about it 4 reads later). Updated -Finished AGAIN

House is a (garbage) tip. (updated - get real, still a tip)

Must. Do. Tax. (updated - Done! for two!)



Natalie said...

"House is a tip." Is that anything to be proud of? If not, then my house is a big TIP!!

widget said...

I am always amazed how busy the world can get!

Good to see that you got your tax done.

Fairlie said...

House is a tip? I soooooo know that feeling!

Stomper Girl said...

I've re-read several times too, I keep hoping I got the bit about Fred Weasley wrong, but no. My house is a tip too, but I pay someone to do my tax!

Anonymous said...

Hurry back, you are missed ;)